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After you get an admit and after you have cleared your F-1 Visa, the next step is preparing yourself for going to the US or any other country. One of the most important things that you need to undergo is health check-up. Generally your health check-up includes complete Physical check, dental work that needs to be done and your eye check-up.

I will be discussing this in detail below. It’s really important that you undergo complete health check-up before going to the USA.

Complete Physical Check: –

It’s really important that you undergo this check-up before going to the US. Even though you might be very healthy, it’s recommended. You can carry out the check-up in any of the hospitals like Apollo etc. or you can also perform this check-up from your family doctor itself. It’s always good to carry fever tablets and other medications that you generally take, along with you to the US. The reason is, In the US you can’t directly purchase medicines. You require the Doctor’s prescription. Generally medical stores don’t except prescriptions of International Doctors i.e. if you have taken the prescription from your family doctor. Plus the medicines that you are used to take might not be available in the US. So it’s better to carry a set of medicines that you generally take when you are ill.

Carrying Medicines To USA: – 

For carrying medicines along with you to the US you require two things. The First will be the doctor’s prescription for those medicines. The Second thing will be the receipt for those medicines. If you have these two things then if won’t face any troubles when carrying these medicines.

Dental Check-Up: –

If you are not aware of this fact then please know that “Dental work in the US is the most costly.” Even though you might be insured, the insurance will be up to $1000. In the course of time if you end up going through root canal treatments then the bill will be way higher than $1000. So it’s better to undergo complete dental check-up from your Doctor. If any fillings or root-canal needs to be done, then do it in India itself. Also undergo cleaning of teeth in India itself. So in short, Dental treatments are very costly in the US so complete your entire Dental Works in India itself.

Eye Check-up: –

Eye Check-up is the second most costly check-up in the US. So it’s good that you go to an Eye Doctor and go through a complete eye check-up. Even though you might have no problems in the past, but it’s a good thing to go through eye check-up before going to the US. If you were glasses or lens, then make sure you carry at least 3 pairs with you. Lens and Glasses costs way too high in USA. So be sure you carry sufficient pairs to USA.

To Conclude: –

So this is all you need to do in terms of Health Check-up before going to the US. Health Check-up in the US is the most costliest thing, so to be on the safer side, it’s better to go through these check-ups before leaving India.

I hope this post was useful.

image credit: – www.diversifiedhealth.ca

Complete Health Check Up Before Going To The US

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