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Hello Everyone,

AWA Section is the most overlooked section by the Students. AWA Section is of great Importance and Universities have a minimum required AWA Score apart from your GPA, GRE and TOEFL Score. So I decided to Write a Complete Structure in tackling the AWA Section, so that Students can get a Good Score.


I have Published My eBook in Amazon Kindle. Tackling AWA Section eBook.

Price Of The eBook for Indian Students: – Rs 174.32/-

Price Of The eBook for International Students: – $2.99

Description About The eBook: – 

This eBook consist of 16 Pages. You might think that it’s small, but the content which I have written is really useful for all the Students in tackling the AWA Section. After going through the eBook you will have a definite Structure to tackle the AWA Section and get a Good Score. Plus if you buy this eBook, I will personally help you with respect to improving your AWA Score, the details of which are written in the Book.

Table Of Contents Of The Book: – 

Lesson Nos. Lesson Descriptions
1 Introduction To Analytical Writing Assessment Section In GRE
2 How Your Essays Are Evaluated
3 Timing Strategy For AWA Section
4 Tips To Support Or Challenge The Topic In AWA
5 Example To Support Or Challenge The Topic
6 Introductory And Concluding Paragraphs in AWA
7 Final Structure For AWA Section
8 Some More Tips For AWA Section
9 Practice, Practice And Practice

So How To Buy This Book: –

  • So to Buy this Book Click on this Link: –  Tackling AWA Section eBook.
  • Click On Buy Now option on the Right Hand Side.
  • Create an Amazon Account, which it will tell you to create.
  • Make The Payment.
  • After Payment, the Book will be available on your Amazon Account Bookshelf. Do not worry Amazon will guide you through.

How To Read The Book: – 

There are two ways to read the Book: –

  • Online by logging into your Amazon Account.
  • You can download the Application Kindle For PC and the Application will bring the eBook to your PC, so that you can read offline.

To Sum Up: – 

This eBook will certainly solve lots of queries that you have regarding tackling AWA Section in the GRE. Plus I will personally assist you with tackling AWA Section. So If interested you can go ahead and Buy The Book. If you have any queries mail me to venky280390@gmail.com. I will be writing more Books related to other topics of the GRE Shortly.

Complete Guide To Tackling AWA Section: – My eBook

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