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I usually get lots of mails and comments and I do try to reply each and every one of them. But sometimes I do miss few queries. Hence I decided that I would write this post to cover some of the most common queries that I receive from the students with respect to pursuing Masters in USA or any other country. I am extremely sorry if I had not replied to your queries before and I hope this post would answer your queries.

I have GRE Score in the range of 280 – 299. Can I get into good Universities?

The answer is pretty simple. The chances of getting into good Universities are pretty slim. You have to score a minimum of 305 and above to get into a good University. I always advise students to retake GRE if their scores lie in this range. But some students can’t take GRE again due to many reasons. If you can’t take GRE again then you have to settle down for a University which is a little low ranked. If you can retake GRE, do retake it and get a good score to increase your chances towards attending the best university.

Having a low TOEFL Score can hamper my Visa Interview?

Ceratinly not. Its just rumours that having low TOEFL Score will create problems during your Visa Interview. Yes, questions may be asked about your low TOEFL Score, but you need to defend it in a good way. Generally if your TOEFL score is above 75, you would not face any problems at all. Try your level best to achieve a score of 100 and above. Getting a 100 in TOEFL is certainly the perfect score for getting into good Universities.

Can I get a job after Masters?

This would be the most common question in each and everyone’s mind. Will I get a job? I will not be able to answer this question in a yes or no format. Getting a job depends upon lots of factors. In USA, getting a job mostly depends on your Connections. You need to build your connections with people through LinkedIn, Career Fairs, etc. I will be writing in detail about this topic in the upcoming post. But I could tell you one thing, you will get a job in USA if you work hard and put all your efforts towards your Masters program. Hard Work always gets paid, so concentrate towards giving your best in the Masters program, you will certainly get a good job in the US.

My Undergraduate Percentage is low, Can I get a good University?

Yes, you can get a good University. I have told this ‘N’ number of times. You could consider ‘Me’ as an example. My Undergraduate percentage was not that great but I still got into a good University (Northeastern). If your undergraduate percentage is low, here’s what you have to do:

  • Get a good GRE Score
  • Get a good TOEFL Score
  • Construct a good SOP
  • Get a good LOR from your professors

If you achieve these things above, no one can stop you from getting into a good University. So have the confidence and work hard towards getting good Scores. Confidence is the key if you are in this situation. Put all your efforts and leave rest to God.

Can I get Financial Aid/Scholarships from the University?

Students have to know that getting a financial aid/Scholarships is really tough. You have to be a extra-ordinary student to get a financial aid. Financial Aid depends upon your performance in Undergraduation, your GRE and TOEFL Scores, your SOP and LOR. In short, you will be completely screened before the University decided whether you are eligible for a financial aid/Scholarships or not. So students, don’t have high hopes about this thing. If you are an extra-ordinary student, you will easily get a Scholarship/Financial Aid.

What Should I say if the Visa Officer asks “What are your plans after Graduation?”

The ideal answer for this question would be like this “I plan to work in the US during my OPT period to gain a practical experience in my field. This experience will be really useful for me when I return back to my country and search for a job.” Simple and straight-forward answer. They too know your plans and you too know that the Visa Officers knows everything. So rather than running around in circles, hit straight at the point. The Visa Officer would be really happy if you say this answer as they would know that you speak the truth. Giving this answer would certainly get you through the Visa Interview and your F-1 Visa would be approved.

What’s life like in the US?

In one simple word I would answer that it’s Hard. You have lots of work to do when you are in USA. You have to cook, clean, study, take care of your health, not cultivate any bad habits, have harmony with your roommates, etc. So you are given lots of responsibilities. You have to be mature enough to handle all these. But you will learn a lot, enjoy with your friends and will have the greatest time in your life. All I can say is have a open mind when you arrive in USA. Be flexible and get adjusted to the conditions that are presented to you. Be strong, Be bold and stay Confident.

To Conclude:

I suppose I have covered the main queries that students do have in their mind. If you have any other question that you like me to cover up, please use the comment box to let me know.

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Common Faqs Answered

7 thoughts on “Common Faqs Answered

  • August 12, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    hello sir,
    i am kvshiva, i have completed my degree in B.E-electronics and communication engineering and i have scored a cgpa of 8.06, i would like to do my M.S in electrical engineering (power electronics and drives), for this what kind of exams i need to write? and does the M.S is possible in India with scholarship?
    thank you

  • August 14, 2014 at 4:34 am

    I have done my engg. from electronics and communication witg cgpa 6.9. and have a total of 9 months working experirence in an IT company.
    I m planning to give exams in the month of september. I want to know what are the things that I have to keep ready before giving gre exam. like the documents, any course or job that will be beneficial for me to get scholarship.

  • August 17, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    hello sir ,
    i carry a cgpa of 8.1 in electronics and communication engineering and my gre score is 296(146v,150q) . i cant afford to take up gre again and i wish to pursue my masters in communicational engineering . what all colleges can i apply to? please help me out.

  • October 24, 2014 at 8:18 am

    Hello sir,
    I Am studying Aeronautical Engineering 3rd Year and I Want To go For Gre And Toefl for Higher Studies In Usa ..
    I Need suggestions About The Universities And Colleges Where I’ll Get Scholarship And Best Education In Aero Structures Or Propulsion
    My avg Percentage Up Till Now Is 76% in Btech And 94% in Intermediate
    Please Reply

  • December 1, 2014 at 11:07 am

    hello sir..i have yet to take gre n in my mock tests i am scoring in the range of 295 to 305…my undergrad percentile is 59% with backlogs…do i have a chance of getting good universities?..i have an ambition to study san jose state university where i have all the my courses in electrical engg…can you please clear my dilemma..??

  • February 20, 2015 at 7:11 pm


    Sir I have completed my b.e. mechanical engineering along with 6.5 CPI and total 5 backlogs .
    Sir I m preparing for GRE and ielts.
    My GRE and ielts targete is 320 and 7 bands respectively.
    My question is can I pursue masters in state university in usa?

  • April 24, 2015 at 10:26 am

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