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Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending Clemson University South Carolina in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students.

This is just for the info. Hope the experiences would be useful for you all. Please do share your experiences too in the comment box.

Interview 1:

Visa approved for clemson at Kolkata on 9th June, Counter no -6

Tip 1# : The VO’s joke around. They are not as serious as portrayed, atleast in kolkata. See below another Interview which i overheard of a lady going to US on a dependent visa on a separate counter. So there is basically not much to be nervous about.

Tip2# : They dont care what you are going to do in usa. If they grill you, counter attack intelligently. See my attempt at counter attack below.

I was a bit nervous, not sure whether to say hello, hi or good morning. I approached him and he folded his hands and said “Namaste”. I smiled and namaste’d back.

vo : where u going
me: Clemson, south Carolina( don’t say usa. u are in usa consulate duh)
vo: which course
me: masters in computer science
vo: but why this university, there are thousands.
me: it offers great system programming courses which I am interested in
vo: but how do you know this university offers good courses in this area
me: the research is renowned and faculty are top notch
vo: says who?, how did you arrive at this information
me: I researched via internet.
vo: that may not be true. who says that this is one of the best
me: the students studying there have taken these courses and are
highly satisfied by it.
vo: but what is the frame of comparison that this university is so good
me: one of the faculties .Mr Ligon (interrupted )
vo: which course you had In undergrad
me: comp science
vo : wow that’s a lot of fees , how are you going to pay
me: my father is going to pay me partially and rest via loan
vo: OK please collect your passport in 2-3 days.

Secondary interview of a lady for dependent visa as mentioned above:

vo: so you are going to be with your husband. how long have you known him
girl: 1 month.
vo: 1 month. that is pretty short time to know a person.
vo: how many people came to your wedding
girl: 1200
vo: and did u greet everyone of them
girl : yes(laughing)
vo: wow u must be exhausted. I’m approving your visa. enjoy ur stay.
try cheeseburger.
girl: thank you.

Clemson University South Carolina F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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