Changing Field From Mechanical Engineering To Computer Science In MS

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Hello Everyone,

Query From Student

I got a query from one of the followers and the blog. The query was about changing the fields in MS. Many students are interested to change their fields in MS because of many reasons. The question asked by the student was “I have completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering and I wanted to change my field to Computer Science (CS) in MS. Is it possible to change my field to CS ? Also I got placed into top Multi National Company (MNC) which is software company. My queries are as follows:

Q 1) If I work in that company for 2 yrs and than apply for MS , would I still have to do the prerequisites given by the respective university or could I be exempted from doing the prerequisites by showing my 2 yrs of experience in the relevant field?

Q 2) I have an Aggregate of 85% in my academics, as I got this Aggregate in Mechanical Engineering. Will it be useful for Profile Evaluation for MS in CS ?”

Answer From Admin: –

Firstly, I would suggest you to go through this previous post that I had posted few months ago with respect to the same topic. Please click this link: – Change Of Field In MS. Next, I will answer to your questions asked by you.

A 1)  Firstly, If you are not aware of what are pre-requisites in MS, then please click on this link: – Complete Information On What Are Pre-Requisites. If you have an experience in a software industry for more than 1 year then you can be exempted from doing the pre-requisite courses. This decision entirely depends on the admission committee. Mostly if you have a work experience in a software industry then you will be exempted from the pre-requisite courses.

Make sure you mention in the SOP that you have gained experience in the IT field by working in the software company. Also mention that you have a sound knowledge on the courses that the University has for CS. Just try to state that you have enhanced the knowledge in the field of IT by working in the software company. This should help you to get exempted from doing the pre-requisite.

A 2) Profile Evaluation depends on lots of factors. You will be evaluated based on your GPA + GRE + TOEFL + SOP + LOR + Resume. Your GPA will certainly help you as they will only look at the percentage. Since you have a good percentage, it will certainly help you during admission process. Even though you got this aggregate in Mechanical Engineering, they will consider this percentage while evaluating you.

To Conclude: – 

I hope I was able to clear your doubts. Make sure you mention in your SOP that you have enhanced your knowledge in IT by working in software company and also mention the subjects in which you have enhanced your knowledge. These subjects should match the curriculum of the University.

All The Best.

13 thoughts on “Changing Field From Mechanical Engineering To Computer Science In MS

  1. Hello,

    I’ve just completed my third year in Mechanical Engineering and my CGPA is around 6.5. I wish to pursue my MS in computer science and engineering. I have a couple of questions and I would be grateful if you could answer them:
    a) What can I do to make my Profile look better? I have worked in a startup for two years and I have done significant amout of work in it. In next one year I plan to contribute to open source. Is there anything else I can do?
    b)Will my low CGPA be a huge negative point? Is there anyway I can compensate for it?
    c)Most of the work I have done right now is industry oriented. Should I do research oriented work also too or is this enough?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, I’m a mechanical engineer with 70% aggregate but I got an interview opportunity in a software company which even I’m interested in. How can I crack the interview??
    What r the expected questions?

  3. Hi Manisha,

    I did my B.E in Mechanical Engineering and my CGPA is 7.5. I have 2 + years of work experience in IT field. I wish to pursue my MS in computer science. If you are also applying, please let me know to which universities you are applying. We both can be of great help to each other.

  4. I completed in mechanical i want to do masters in computer science . if vo asks these question why are changing. Please suggest me answer . Thanks in advance.

    • You have to explain the real reason for switching your field. You have to explain why you wanted to go for CS and what you like in it and what all you wish to learn. You have to specify how passionate you are about learning new things in CS which attracted you alot

      • If i answer that they are lot of opportunities in this field as technology is developing day to day . Wheter the question is over or it will ask another question please clear my dout thanks in advance

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