F-1 Visa Stamped for 5 years But I-20 Is Of 2 Years?

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I saw one of the questions asked by the students in the facebook group and I thought of sharing this question and replying to it. The student asked the following question in the group “Guys..I have got visa which is valid for 5 years…but my course mentioned on i20 is of 2 years…so does it mean that I can work for 3 years after studies ??Continue reading

University of Idaho F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending University of Idaho in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students. This is just for the info.  Continue reading

Applied For New Passport, Booked F-1 Visa Interview With Old One: What to do?

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I just came across a question in one of the facebook groups and I wanted to discuss about the question that was asked by the student. “Hi friends, due my surname problem i have applied for a new passport recently but i have booked visa slot with old passport what do i tell the visa consultant?  Continue reading

22nd June 2015 F-1 Visa Interview Rescheduled: Reason behind it

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I guess many students might be knowing that students who have scheduled F-1 Visa Interview on 22nd June got a mail from the US Embassy stating their Visa Interview has been rescheduled. The US Consulate has given an official reason explaining the reason for rescheduling in their official website. Continue reading

DS 160 Mistakes: How to deal with it

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I got lots of queries with respect to making changes in DS 160 form after submitting it. Many students were confused as to what needs to be done if they submit DS 160 form with errors or they wish to join some other University after they submit the DS 160 form. This post will entirely focus on how to deal with the mistakes made in DS 160 form. So I would suggest to go through the post entirely to get an idea as to how to deal with this situation. Continue reading

US Consulate Email: Change In Visa Interview Timing. What to do?

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Guys please guide my friend on this note. He scheduled his appointment on 22nd June but a mail from ustravel-NOREPLY seems to say that the appointment is rescheduled automatically to 24th June because of some public issue. Did anyone face the same change. We are confused because the appointment date in the Website still remains the same as 22nd June. Can you please provide your suggestion about it. Thanks in advance. Continue reading

DS 160 Form Primary Occupation: Student or Unemployed

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Hi guys! I have a query regarding DS-160 and visa process. Since my graduation in August 2014, I gave my GRE and did all the application. From Jan to April, I did java classes, and will join another class soon. In short, I didn’t take a job and am not currently doing one. So, in my DS-160, should I mention primary occupation as ‘student’ or ‘not employed’? Kindly help me. Continue reading