US Universities For MS In Information Security

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Hey ! your blog is just amazing thanks for sharing info with all in free :) i have question: –
i am in TE comp right now. i want to do MS in fields related to “INFORMATION SECURITY” but i am unable to find universities that provide such courses or at-least near by courses.. if you have any idea regarding it please do reply.. it will help me a reply !! Continue reading

Deferring Admissions In the Universities

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I got a Question from a Student Stating “What is the process to Defer Admissions in the Universities in USA?” This is really an important question and many Students try to defer their Admission due to many reasons. Hence I will be discussing in detail as to how to defer the Admissions in US Universities. Generally If you are deferring you admissions, then you fall into one of the three Categories that I will be listing below.  Continue reading

LOR Overview, Types, Structure And Faqs

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This post will discuss in detail about the Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) that Universities ask along with the other details while you apply to the Universities for your MS or PhD or MBA. This post will completely focus on the types of LOR that Universities ask you, Structure of LOR and common faqs related to LOR. So let’s discuss for better understanding. Continue reading

Getting Into Ivy Leagues

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I got a mail from one of the Followers of this Blog to shed some light on the Ivy Leagues which are there in the US. So this post will contain all the Information that are related to the Ivy Leagues, which can help you all to get a better understanding about it. So let’s discuss some common faqs with respect to Ivy Leagues. Continue reading

Stony Brook University

Overview: – 

Stony Brook University also referred to as Stony Brook or simply SBU was established at 1957. It is a Public University. The total Number of Students who are pursuing Post Graduation is About 8600 and the total Number of Academic Staff is about 2000. It is located in Stony Brook, NY, United States. Continue reading