What are Credit Hours?

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When you start looking for Universities that you wish to apply for your MS, you will always come across a term called as Credit Hours. Students get confused as too what are these credit hours. When students see credit hours associated to a subject, they get even more confused. Continue reading

On-Campus Jobs: Northeastern University Boston

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Bean Pot Hockey

Northeastern University is considered to be one of the top universities for MS in CS and IS. I studied in Northeastern from August 2013 to July 2015. It was a great experience to me. This post will focus on the on campus jobs that are available in Northeastern University. Over the past few years the number of students coming to the University have increased many folds and hence there is always a competition for part time jobs here.  Continue reading

FAQs on Health Insurance: NUSHP Northeastern University Boston

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Health Insurance

Since I am from Northeastern University, I do know entire details about the University Health Insurance. I personally am under the University health insurance for two years now. I got a lot of queries related to the NUSHP University Health Insurance that Northeastern University offers you. I thought of creating a post related to the common FAQs that a student has with respect to the Health Insurance. I have covered almost all the questions. Continue reading

Immunizations And Health Insurance Before Coming to USA: NEU Boston

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Immunization, sound a little weird in INDIA as we are all immune to all diseases and do not bother much. Scenario in the US is not so and life is valued to a great extent. Please understand the fact that Health Insurance is a mandate in the state of Massachusetts and you will be penalized for not having one. Although many do not take it and have a tough time shelling a few thousand dollars later. Continue reading

University of Bridgeport General Information

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I read a post on one of the facebook groups and the student shared information about University o Bridgeport. So this post is dedicated to give you details about this University. The information is provided by the student and I hope is would be somewhat useful to you all. If you have any specific question then please let me know via comment box. Continue reading

MS In Information Technology And Management (ITM) At UT Dallas

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This post provides a complete overview on the MS In Information Technology and Management (ITM) program offered by UT Dallas. The PDF that I have shared below consist of the Graduate Enrollment Trends, Students Profile, Tracks in Information Technology and Management, Placements, Certificate Programs that you can pursue and the challenges that UT Dallas faces for this program. Please go through the entire PDF Document. Continue reading