Never Book a Ticket with Multiple Airlines (Specially Air India): Part 1


Spare some time out of your busy lives to read an exciting yet important experience which I am about to share: 

After completion of a busy, hectic, tough and challenging semester, I decided to go back to India in December. I was desperate to go as the life which I had during the four Continue reading

CBP Contact Numbers If I-94 Record Not Found

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If you have not read the Post on I-94 Record Not Found: What Steps You Need To Take, then please click on the link to go through the entire post. Even though I have given the CBP Contact Numbers in that post, I thought that I would provide it separately. Just contact these numbers if you have any issues with your I-94 form. When you call this number, an IVR will play. Just click on ‘0’ which is for emergencies to contact the CBP Officials. So check out the CBP Contact Numbers. Continue reading

I-94 Record Not Found: What Steps You Need To Take

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Based on my personal experience, I felt that I must share this post with you all. This post will focus on what you need to do when you get a message ‘I-94 Record Not Found’ even after you have entered all the details properly. To know what I-94 Form is, I would suggest you to go through this link first: Complete Overview On I-94 FormContinue reading

Handling Your Baggages While Traveling To USA

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Handling Baggages

Travelling to USA for your Higher Studies certainly brings out mixed emotions. For most of the students it will be the first international travel alone to another country. So I decided that I would share important information with respect to handling your Baggages while travelling. I would also share some important things that you keep in mind when it comes to your Baggages. Below I will be sharing some important points with respect to your Baggages. Continue reading

Can Port Of Entry Be Different Than The City Mentioned In F-1 Visa?

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I got a question from a student and she stated “I got into NYU. I plan to visit my Uncle who is in Boston and then travel to New York. Hence I am planning to get down at Boston instead of New York. Will there be a problem at the Port of Entry in Boston. Because I am landing in Boston rather than New York. In F-1 Visa it’s mentioned the University name and city. Will it create any problem.Continue reading

Forex Cards Fees And Charges Of Different Banks

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In the last Post I discussed on the details about the Prepaid Forex Cards that can be used when you are travelling abroad. If you haven’t gone through the previous post, please click this link: Complete Information On Prepaid Forex Cards. In this Post I will be providing the details on the Fees & Charges that different Banks levy when you are purchasing the Prepaid Forex Cards. Continue reading

Complete Information On Prepaid Forex Cards

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Rupee To Dollar

When you are ready to travel to USA or any other Country for your Higher Studies, the first thing that comes to mind is how much money you should be carrying with you while travelling to your destination. It’s a good practice to keep 1000$ as ready cash in your wallet and rest either as travelers check or Prepaid Forex Cards. This post is entirely on Forex Cards and the Fees & Charges for it. Continue reading