Travel Mantra To USA

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Booking a flight these days turns out to be a hectic task in itself. With the fall season approaching the ticket fare would definitely soar up. I have listed some important points that you should be reading when you book your tickets to the United States. It’s a little long post but it would be really helpful to you all. Here are a few tips that could help you in saving few bucks and a peaceful fly. Continue reading

1 Hour Layover Time In Connecting Flights: Will It be Enough

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I booked the flight tickets from Hyderabad to Cincinnati. The itinerary is Hyd-Delhi-Newark-Cincinnati. Flight from Hyderabad to Delhi is Jet Airways and then from Delhi its United Airlines. My question is the layover time in Delhi is 1 hour. Will that time be sufficient to change the flight and have the luggage checked in to the other flight ? I booked via Thomas Cook and they told since they are connecting flights, any delay in any one of the connecting flights will result in the delaying of the other Continue reading

When can I Enter the United States: MS In USA

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It’s that time of the year when students are packing their bags to start a new chapter in their lives. It’s highly important that students should know all the official information about when can they arrive in the United States. I also read one of the questions posted by a student in facebook and he asked “Guys I will reach US newark liberty airport on 26 July and my university orientation day is on 20 aug. Will it create any problem if go there early ?”  Continue reading

221g for Damaged Passport: F-1 Visa Interview

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F-1 Visa

I just read a post on one of the facebook groups and though of sharing with you all. Here’s the student’s post ” VO said I am approving your visa but you have to submit a new passport because your passport is peeling off and handed me 221g white form . In that form VO has written my barcode number and has put a check over a check box filed stating that “submit a new passport with this letter at one of the visa application centers. No Visa fee will be charged”.  Continue reading

How To Retrieve I-94 Online

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Since students are gearing up towards coming to the United States, I thought of sharing some important information that you should be knowing. Whenever you enter the United States, an I-94 form gets generated for you. I-94 Form is a way that US Officials keep track of your Arrival and Departure from the USA. All the countries have this Form, in USA it is named as I-94.  Continue reading

No I-20 While Entering USA?

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I have been interacting with a lot of students recently and one of the common questions that I hear from the students is “If I lost my I-20 while traveling to USA, what will happen? Will I be allowed to enter the United States or not?” Firstly, I tell them to keep the documents safe while traveling, but it’s a good question though. It’s always better to know the procedures of what needs to be done if you don’t have an I-20 while entering the United States. So I will be sharing with you the procedure that you need to follow if you don’t have I-20 in hand while you are entering USA. Below I have provided the common questions that comes to students mind. Continue reading