How to Write Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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I have written several posts on how to construct your SOP and what exactly should your SOP focus on. Please click on this link to get all the posts related to SOP: Posts Focusing towards SOP. This post is basically an Infographic which specifies and provides you the details as to how to write an SOP for a University in the United States. SOP is considered to be one of the most important document which plays a major role towards your admit in a university. Construction of your SOP takes a lot of time and generally I recommend to take guidance while doing it from your Professors. Just go through the Infographic below and if you have any queries, please use the comment box and I will reply to your queries immediately. Continue reading

Top 10 Blunders In Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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As you know that I have been sharing information regarding how to build your Statement Of Purpose (SOP). SOP is considered to be the most important factor in your University Admissions. Students have to spend time in creating an SOP which will cover all their qualities, ambitions, goals etc. This post will focus on the Blunder/Mistakes that students commit while creating their SOP. These Blunders can even hamper the admission chances in a University. Continue reading

Demystifying American Graduate Admission Process

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Today I was just scanning through the Web when I found this document. The PDF Document contains the entire Graduate Admission Process and also emphasizes on what all factors can decide your admission into a University. This entire document has been created by Karthik Raghunathan who has studied from the Stanford University, United States. Continue reading

Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Guidelines

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I had posted various topics on How to prepare your SOP and SOP Structure which you can see below in the Related Posts. This post contains the Guidelines and Suggestions given by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for Writing your SOP. These Guidelines are really useful while preparing your SOP, no matter which University you will be applying to. Continue reading

Copying Statement Of Purpose (SOP) Is Not A Good Idea

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Statement Of Purpose (SOP) generally plays the biggest role while the Universities examine your Application. SOP actually reflects the Students Goals, Qualities, Interests and provide Answers to various questions that Universities generally have. For Example: – Why does the Students wants to do MS or What are the Extra Curricular activities that Student has taken part in, What are the Goals etc. In simple words SOP reflects You. Continue reading

SOP Structure

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As Everyone will be preparing the SOP for applying to the Universities, I thought of giving some useful tips for Writing your SOP. SOP or Statement Of Purpose plays a very important role while applying to the Universities. With a well Structured SOP you will greatly increase your chances of getting into the Good Universities around the World. Continue reading

How To Write The Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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Today’s topic I hope is the most important one for those who are aiming at going to US or any other country by 2013. The SOP stands for Statement Of Purpose. To put it in simple words you have to write like an essay why you are interested in doing your MS. Let’s discuss some point’s briefly about what you need to write in an SOP.

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