How Much Will You Earn In USA

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Below is a tool where you can see how much will you earn in the United States over a period of time based on the degree you pursue. You can select your course and degree and see how much is the average pay in the United States for your degree. It’s a small post and I hope it is useful for all. It also tells you how much salary increase will you get over a period of time when you are working in your area. Let me know if you have any questions related to earnings after MS in USA. Continue reading

Health Insurance: University Vs Private US Vs Private Indian: Pros and Cons

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Health Insurance

Getting sick in the United States at your own expense might burn your pocket. And hence, having an insurance becomes more than a necessity. In this document I shall be discussing briefly on how to narrow down on purchasing your health insurance. Health Insurance is mandatory in the  state of Massachusetts. If you are going to another state in USA as well, it good to read this post as Health Insurance is mandatory in almost all states. Continue reading

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSM&T Rapid city) F-1 Visa Interview Experiences 2015

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Check out the Visa Interview Experiences of students who will be attending South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in this Fall 2015. The Visa Experiences have been shared by the Students on facebook groups which have been collected and shown in US Graduates Blog. The experiences shared entirely belong to the students. Continue reading

MS in USA: General Student Queries

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Hi Shri, I am Deepak, I am having lot of Quires about Study of MS for my career. I had complected my in 2010, and also in 2014, had after completing i had searched for job on IT field at that time i am get a lot of interest that study of MS(CS) in US. So, now I am preparing for GRE/IELTS, for Jan/feb 2016 and also preparing for NETWORKING (CCNA) certification.  Continue reading

How Does US News Rank Colleges And Universities?

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US News Rankings

Many Students might be knowing about US News. It’s a popular website to find out the University Rankings in USA. US News Colleges Rankings are the most influential college rankings in the world, as well as the most controversial. In addition to providing trusted guidance to many students, they are known to determine the policy decisions of some colleges and universities looking to improve their ranking. Continue reading

University Rankings For MS In Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

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This is the complete University Rankings for MS In Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering.

Rank University
1 Georgia Institute of Technology
2 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
3 Northwestern University (McCormick)
4 University of California–Berkeley
5 Virginia Tech
6 Stanford University
7 University of Wisconsin–Madison
8 North Carolina State University
9 University of California–Santa Barbara
10 Columbia University (Fu Foundation)
11 Cornell University
12 Texas A&M University–College Station (Look)
13 University of Florida
14 University of Southern California (Viterbi)
15 Purdue University–West Lafayette
16 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
17 Lehigh University (Rossin)
18 University of Texas–Austin (Cockrell)
19 University of Arkansas–Fayetteville
20 University of Pittsburgh (Swanson)
21 Arizona State University (Fulton)
22 Auburn University (Ginn)
23 Ohio State University
24 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
25 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick
26 University of Washington
27 Iowa State University
28 University at Buffalo–SUNY
29 University of Arizona
30 Clemson University
31 University of Oklahoma
32 Oklahoma State University
33 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
34 George Mason University (Volgenau)
35 Northeastern University
36 University of Massachusetts–Amherst
37 Air Force Institute of Technology
38 Texas Tech University (Whitacre)
39 University of Illinois–Chicago
40 University of Iowa
41 University of Louisville (Speed)
42 Oregon State University
43 University of Missouri
44 University of South Florida
45 Wayne State University
46 Boston University
47 Kansas State University
48 Binghamton University–SUNY (Watson)
49 Mississippi State University (Bagley)
50 University of Central Florida
51 University of Houston (Cullen)
52 University of Tennessee–Knoxville
53 University of Texas–Arlington
54 Wichita State University
55 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
56 New Jersey Institute of Technology
57 North Carolina A&T State University
58 Ohio University (Russ)
59 University of Alabama–Huntsville
60 University of Miami Coral
61 West Virginia University