Applied For New Passport, Booked F-1 Visa Interview With Old One: What to do?

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I just came across a question in one of the facebook groups and I wanted to discuss about the question that was asked by the student. “Hi friends, due my surname problem i have applied for a new passport recently but i have booked visa slot with old passport what do i tell the visa consultant?  Continue reading

GRE Exam Registration Problem: Multiple First And Last Names In Passport

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If you are one of those students who will be giving their GRE Exam and have Multiple (Two) First or Last names in their passport then you must read this post. Here’s a question I got from a student. “Sir I have a problem with my passport. My surname is blank and I have registered for IELTS with the same passport as a proof and I want to register for GRE. Continue reading

Receiving Your Passport After Visa Approval

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Recieve Passport

Once your Visa gets approved in the Visa Interview, you must submit the passport to the Visa Officer. The Visa Officer normally tells that it will take 3 to 5 days for Visa Stamping to be done and then you can collect the Passport. So this post will entirely focus on collecting your passport once your Visa has been approved. I will be providing all the information with respect to the topic in an FAQ manner. Continue reading

Address In Passport Different From Current Address: – Visa Interview

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I got a query from a Student named Sai Dinesh, stating ” My Address on the passport is not my current address. So will that be a problem during my Visa interview?” It’s a very valid question and I think that many students might be having the same query in their minds as Students going for this fall will be busy looking towards their passport as to the details in the passport are correct or not. So let me discuss and answer this question as to whether there will be a problem in visa interview if your passport shows the old address. Continue reading

Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) Process in India: – Part 1

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The old method of getting a passport was to fill a form that needed to be purchased from passport office. There was a long line in which we need to wait for 3 or more hours and then submit our documents to the officials. If any document is missing then again go through this process. It was a tedious process. The latest process PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) is a quick process. Continue reading