FAQs on Letters of Recommendation (LOR)

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Hi, Query regarding LOR. Please help, i have few doubts.

University mentioned as below:
“Letters of Recommendation (Optional): Letters of recommendation should be from faculty or others (supervisors, professional colleagues, etc.) qualified to evaluate your potential for graduate study.”
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STEM Extension Update: Steps taken towards saving STEM

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It’s been a while since I have written any posts. I would like to give you an update that I have answered all the comments and if you had asked any question, I have replied it. So back to the topic, STEM was officially invalidated few months ago. This post, I would like to update you on the recent developments. Continue reading

Important FAQs Before Coming To USA

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I have received several queries from students who will be coming to the United States this year. I have tried to take out some frequently asked questions from many students and wish to share the answer for that. If you have any last minute questions before coming to the United States, please use the comment box below to ask your questions. I would reply to it immediately. Here are some popular questions asked. Continue reading

What are Credit Hours?

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When you start looking for Universities that you wish to apply for your MS, you will always come across a term called as Credit Hours. Students get confused as too what are these credit hours. When students see credit hours associated to a subject, they get even more confused. Continue reading

MS In USA Queries: Paying Fees, Insurance and changing Major

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Hey Shrinivas. I have been reading your posts on facebook. They are really helpful. I will be coming to USA this fall. I had few queries. Hope you can solve them!

1) Which is the best way to pay fees? Wire transfers cost around 1500-1800 INR for each transaction. So, can we deposit money in our US bank account with a travel card and pay the fees?  Continue reading

Things To Do Before You Leave for USA

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travel tips

I would like to congratulate the batch of fall 2015 who will be coming to the United States. You worked hard for this and it paid off. Before you arrive to the United States, there are certain things that you should be taking care of in India. There are certain things that you should do before you arrive to USA. I have listed those necessary things you must be doing and  Continue reading