Validity Of Letters Of Recommendation (LOR)

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I got a query from one of the student stating that “I completed my graduation in May 2011. Wanna know whether the recommendations from my professors valid now. If valid, Will be there be any validity kind of stuff carried out by the University for that? Since I have not talked them as of now, was curious to know? ” So in this post I will focus on the Validity for your LOR’s. Continue reading

Is It Necessary To Follow The LOR Template Provided by Universities?

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Hi Shrinivas, I got an query with respect to the Letters Of Recommendation (LOR). When completing my online application, the University provided me with the Template for the LOR. My query is that, whether is it necessary to follow the University Template for the LOR or can we use any template as desired by the Recommender? There is no information regarding this on the University Website. Please help. Continue reading

Demystifying American Graduate Admission Process

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Today I was just scanning through the Web when I found this document. The PDF Document contains the entire Graduate Admission Process and also emphasizes on what all factors can decide your admission into a University. This entire document has been created by Karthik Raghunathan who has studied from the Stanford University, United States. Continue reading

Deciphering How Letters of Recommendation (LOR) Are Evaluated And Reviewed By Universities

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Letters of Recommendations plays a vital role in your admission process. A single LOR can entirely change the review committee’s outlook towards the applicant, thus increasing the chances of an admit. Review Committee’s in all the Universities give lots of importance towards your LOR, since it expresses evaluation of an applicant by the professors/managers who have closely monitored and worked with you over a period of time. This post will contain lots of information as to how Review Committee looks into your LOR. Continue reading

Do you wish to waive your right to examine this Letter of Recommendation?

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Any student who is filling the online application form of any University in the US will encounter this question while providing the names and email addresses of the recommenders. ‘Do you wish to waive your right to examine this Letter of Recommendation?’ What does this exactly mean? I will be providing you with the complete information about this below. Continue reading

Overview On Online Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) System

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I had written a topic related to Online and Hard-Copy LOR sometime back. But I thought to discuss Online LOR in detail, so that students can get a good idea on how this system works. Many Universities in the US are now using Online LOR System so that they could avoid the old method of Students sending LOR through the Application Package. Here I will discuss exactly how this Online LOR System works. Continue reading

LOR Overview, Types, Structure And Faqs

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This post will discuss in detail about the Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) that Universities ask along with the other details while you apply to the Universities for your MS or PhD or MBA. This post will completely focus on the types of LOR that Universities ask you, Structure of LOR and common faqs related to LOR. So let’s discuss for better understanding. Continue reading