How to Write Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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I have written several posts on how to construct your SOP and what exactly should your SOP focus on. Please click on this link to get all the posts related to SOP: Posts Focusing towards SOP. This post is basically an Infographic which specifies and provides you the details as to how to write an SOP for a University in the United States. SOP is considered to be one of the most important document which plays a major role towards your admit in a university. Construction of your SOP takes a lot of time and generally I recommend to take guidance while doing it from your Professors. Just go through the Infographic below and if you have any queries, please use the comment box and I will reply to your queries immediately. Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Top 10 Universities In UK

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Kaplan Interation College

I saw this Infographic in Pinterest and thought of sharing with you all. This Infographic was prepared by Kaplan and it focuses on some interesting facts about the Top 10 Universities in UK. They have included the Notable Alumni, how many affiliates of the Universities have won noble price, interesting facts about the University itself, etc.  Continue reading

How Does US News Rank Colleges And Universities?

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US News Rankings

Many Students might be knowing about US News. It’s a popular website to find out the University Rankings in USA. US News Colleges Rankings are the most influential college rankings in the world, as well as the most controversial. In addition to providing trusted guidance to many students, they are known to determine the policy decisions of some colleges and universities looking to improve their ranking. Continue reading

CEOs Pay Compared To Average Worker

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Which CEOs take home the biggest paychecks in comparison to their average employee? How do those companies stack up to their competitors who pay their leaders more modestly? PayScale puts CEO pay in perspective. Which of the Fortune 100 CEOs have incomes that wipe out those of their employees? Payscale reveals which CEOs have the highest and lowest pay ratios compared to their workers and how that correlates to job satisfaction, corporate revenue and how well each company pays their workers across the board. Continue reading

US Commute Habits By City

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US Commute

How do you get to your University or Work? PayScale asked that question to the millions of people who have taken their Survey, and then compared the results and put together. This infographic will really be helpful for students who are planning to go to USA as they would come to know about the mode of transport that most of the commuters use in the city in which they will be going. Continue reading

Why Healthcare Is So Expensive In USA?

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As everyone knows that Healthcare in USA is really expensive. That’s why everyone says that it’s better to get yourself checked before you leave India and go to USA for your Higher Studies. This Infographic below states the real reason because of which the Healthcare in USA is Expensive. Go through the below Infographic to get an idea about why Healthcare in USA is Expensive as compared to other wealthy nations around the World. Continue reading

Foreign Students Studying In USA: 2013 Edition

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Studying In USA

A lot of young people all over the world choose to continue their education in the United States. This infographic reveals interesting facts on who is studying in the USA, top destinations, academic level, top fields of study and which nations send the highest proportion of students to the States. USA remains the favorite destinations for higher education as compared to other countries around the World. Continue reading