243 Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) Issue Samples

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GRE AWA Tackling

I guess students who are interested in pursuing MS in USA in fall 2016 would have started studying for GRE and TOEFL. In GRE one of the important part you need to tackle is AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment). Universities do check your AWA Score apart from your GRE and TOEFL Scores. Hence its important to study and go through as many sample Issues that you can see over the internet. Continue reading

GRE Exam Registration Problem: Multiple First And Last Names In Passport

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If you are one of those students who will be giving their GRE Exam and have Multiple (Two) First or Last names in their passport then you must read this post. Here’s a question I got from a student. “Sir I have a problem with my passport. My surname is blank and I have registered for IELTS with the same passport as a proof and I want to register for GRE. Continue reading

Interpreting Your GRE Scores

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gre coa 1

I got many questions from students as to how the GRE Scores are calculated and how to interpret the GRE Scores etc. So I decided to share this PDF which ETS has provided to all of us. This PDF contains the entire information as to how you can interpret your scores. You can even download this PDF by clicking on the Download link which is available below the PDF. If you have any queries relating to interpreting your GRE Scores, then please use the comment box below to address your queries. ETS, every year updates this information of interpreting your scores. Continue reading

GRE Exam Calculator

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I got a query from one of the Student to provide details with respect to the On-Screen Calculator that is provided during the GRE Exams. So this post will focus on the On-Screen Calculator, it’s important functions and whether is it necessary to use the calculator during the Examinations. Students might be knowing that the Calculator was provided in the New GRE Exam Pattern only. So let’s discuss about the Calculator in detail in this post. Continue reading

New GRE Pattern Overview

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I got a query from one of the Students stating to explain the complete New GRE Pattern. Even though the New GRE Pattern has been effective since more than an year, I prepared this post to present the entire pattern of the New GRE for students who are just going to take their first step towards MS/PhD, by giving their GRE Exam. I will explain the entire pattern using an infographic. If you have any queries related to this post, please feel free to use the Comment Box below. Continue reading

Time Taken By ETS To Send GRE And TOEFL Score Cards

Question From Ravi

Hi, I am following your Blog for quite sometime and it’s really Good and Informative. I have a query though. My Query is “How long does ETS takes to send the GRE Scorecards to my Home and How long does ETS takes to report my GRE Scores to the selected Universities?” Please clarify this doubt as I haven’t found any information regarding this on your site. Thanks in advance. I suppose many students might be having the same query. Continue reading

75% Off On Magoosh GMAT And English Grammar Prep

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This is small post for Students who are interested in purchasing GMAT and English Grammar Prep from Magoosh. Since US Graduate Blog is an affiliate with Magoosh, there is a special offer that you can avail from US Graduates Blog if you are purchasing GMAT or English Grammar Prep from Magoosh. To know more about Magoosh Products and the Reviews on those Products, please click on these following links: – Magoosh Review and Magoosh Worth It?.  Continue reading