Common Faqs Answered

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I usually get lots of mails and comments and I do try to reply each and every one of them. But sometimes I do miss few queries. Hence I decided that I would write this post to cover some of the most common queries that I receive from the students with respect to pursuing Masters in USA or any other country. I am extremely sorry if I had not replied to your queries before and I hope this post would answer your queries. Continue reading

Validity Of Letters Of Recommendation (LOR)

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I got a query from one of the student stating that “I completed my graduation in May 2011. Wanna know whether the recommendations from my professors valid now. If valid, Will be there be any validity kind of stuff carried out by the University for that? Since I have not talked them as of now, was curious to know? ” So in this post I will focus on the Validity for your LOR’s. Continue reading

Will Certifications Help In Graduate Admissions?

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I saw a question from a student in one of my Facebook Groups and he asked whether certifications help in the MS admission process? I also got many queries related to this topic as to which certification can really help in Graduate Admissions? Hence, I decided to create an entire article regarding this question so as to clear this doubt that many students have in their mind as to whether certifications can give their profile an boost for the Graduate Admissions. Continue reading

Gap Between Under-Graduation And MS

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I got a question from one of the Student which stated “Hi, I graduated in Dec 2011. I prepared for GRE and TOEFL then and gave the tests by Nov 2012. Is it necessary to have job experience of 6 months or more for admission? I have applied for Fall 13. Will that hamper in interview?” So let’s discuss in detail regarding this question, so that students can clear their doubts regarding this topic. Continue reading

Graduate Admission Interview Questions By US Universities

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In the last Post, US Universities Graduate Admission Interview; I discussed whether Universities will include Interview as a Graduate Admission stage for all the fields and the ways in which Universities conduct Interviews for International Students. This post will focus on the common Interview questions that Admission Review Committee of the Universities will ask you, if you have a Interview Stage in your Graduate Admission Process. Continue reading

US Universities Graduate Admission Interview

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Students applying for technical courses in MS might not be aware of the Interview stage in Graduate Admissions. But Students who apply for Masters in Information Systems (MIS), Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) might be aware of this stage. Universities might include the Interview stage in all the other Branches as well. Continue reading

When Will Universities In USA Give Decisions On Applications For MS?

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Hi, I am going to apply for MS in CS in Spring 2014. I just wanted to know “When Will Universities In USA Give Decisions On Applications For MS?” Is there a specific time period that all Universities follow, in terms of giving decisions for the Applications or it varies from one University to another. It would be very grateful if you could solve my doubt regarding this. Awaiting your reply on my query. Thanks.  Continue reading