Should International Students be Worried over American Presidential Elections


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It’s been a long time since I have written a post. Been very busy with work. So today’s topic will cover on how American Presidency Election will affect the International Students in the US and students planning for their MS in the United States. Students have been asking me how will it affect them and I thought of covering the topic as a post. I have made sure that I talk facts and only facts. No rumors and other stuff that’s being going around everywhere in the internet. I hope it would be useful for you all. Continue reading

University of Bridgeport General Information

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I read a post on one of the facebook groups and the student shared information about University o Bridgeport. So this post is dedicated to give you details about this University. The information is provided by the student and I hope is would be somewhat useful to you all. If you have any specific question then please let me know via comment box. Continue reading

WES Evaluation: WES ICAP or WES BASIC? Course-By-Course or Document-By-Document?

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If your University in which you have applied requires you to do a WES Evaluation for your Undergraduate Degree then please go through this post. Firstly, World Education Services (WES) is a nonprofit organization that provides credential evaluations for international students and immigrants planning to study or work in the U.S. and Canada.  Continue reading

DS 160 Form Primary Occupation: Student or Unemployed

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Hi guys! I have a query regarding DS-160 and visa process. Since my graduation in August 2014, I gave my GRE and did all the application. From Jan to April, I did java classes, and will join another class soon. In short, I didn’t take a job and am not currently doing one. So, in my DS-160, should I mention primary occupation as ‘student’ or ‘not employed’? Kindly help me. Continue reading

SEVIS Fee Explained In Detail

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Once you get an admit from a University and you decide to go ahead with that University, you would come across something called as SEVIS. You might have heard a lot about SEVIS in the facebook groups like paying SEVIS Fee, SEVIS Number on I-20 etc. So this post will focus entirely on explaining you in detail about what exactly is SEVIS and commonly asked questions with respect to SEVIS Fee. I hope you go through the entire post.  Continue reading

List Of USA Universities Offering MS in Power Systems

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I got queries from students to list out Universities in the US which offers MS in Power Systems. So I have created the list of Universities which offer this course. The Course is popularly known as MS in Power Systems, Energy Systems Engg, Power Engineering, Power and Energy Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical and Power Systems etc. The program name would vary from one University to another. Continue reading

What is Conditional Admit: MS In USA

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If you are a student who has applied for the universities and awaiting results, you must know something about the application status of yours for the universities you applied. Generally when you apply to a University, you either get an admit or a reject. But there is one more possibility apart from these two. It’s called an Conditional Admit. I will explain it to you in detail below on what’s an conditional admit. Continue reading