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X -63%, XII-68%, B.E (ECE)-74%, MS (Soft Engg)-9.12 CGPA, Work Experience- 4 Years in IT. I am planning for Phd from CS in USA. Can anyone suggest me the finance option that needed before joining there, As i am self funded.. Is the scholarship is enough to survive ? I am thinking to work part time as well while pursuing it there. What about work permit after completing Doctorate? Continue reading

On-Campus Jobs in USA and Regulations on Off-Campus Jobs

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Students, who have not been successful in receiving Scholarships and Financial Aid, tend to find part-time jobs as a mode of supporting themselves. All Students try not to ask parents for money required for expenses and other activities. Rather students tend to work part-time to manage the expenses. Here I will be discussing two things. Continue reading

Scholarship For MS

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Today I am going to talk about Scholarships. All the students who are trying to go to MS for further studies always want Scholarships for them to study because, Studying in USA in costly. If you get a Scholarship it will decrease the financial assistance that we require from our family. So Let’s discuss some of the questions that students generally have about how to get Scholarships when going for further studies in MS.

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