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Overview: – 

Carnegie Mellon University also referred to as Carnegie Mellon or simply CMU was established at 1967. It is a Private University. The total Number of Students who are pursuing Post Graduation is About 6000 and the total Number of Academic Staff is about 1500. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It has Seven Colleges and Independent Schools from Arts to Computer Science.

Graduate Engineering Programs Offered: – 

As I said above Carnegie Mellon University Seven Colleges and Independent Schools from Arts to Computer Science. You can check whether the course that you are looking for is offered by CMU. Click Here.

Acceptance Rate: –  30%

Ranking: – 23rd In National Universities.

GRE, AWA and TOEFL Score Accepted: – 

The Carnegie Mellon University is very particular about the Scores of GRE and TOEFL. They require 146 or 400 in Verbal Section of the GRE and 144 or 500 in the Quant Section. They require a minimum of 95 in TOEFL Exam. The CMU takes this marks as the minimum qualifying marks for getting admitted into CMU.

Indian Students in CMU Survey of recent years: –  

There is a website the Indian Students have who study in Carnegie Mellon University. In that there is a contact page from where you can contact the Indian Students who are currently studying in ASU. Check out their Website: – Click Here.

Expenses for Attending Carnegie Mellon University: – 

The Expenses that you will incur if you are going to Carnegie Mellon University have been given in the link. Kindly check it.  Since it’s a Private University the cost will be slightly high. Click Here

Financial Assistance: – 

Financial Assistance are been provided by the University. This will depend on your Academic Achievements. Check the complete details about the Financial Assistance. Click Here.

Application Deadlines: – 

Check the Application Deadlines for Carnegie Mellon University. Apply immediately when the Application process starts for the University. The Application Deadlines can be checked for the CMU: – Click Here.

Apply for Carnegie Mellon University: – 

If you have Decided to Apply for Carnegie Mellon University, you can check the steps that you need to carry out for applying to Carnegie Mellon University: –Click Here.

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Carnegie Mellon University

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