Books to Refer for GRE

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Hi Everyone,

I will be providing the details here regarding which books you can refer for GRE as there are many books in town. Let’s Start with the First: –

1. ETS Official Guide To Revised GRE: –

Good amount of Questions in both Verbal and Quantitative. Total of 4 full GRE tests. This is the book you should go through and solve completely. Rating for this book will be 9/10 for the questions but the Strategies are not properly mentioned so for Strategies the Rating would be 5/10.

Download the ETS Official Guide To Revised GRE book here: – Download

2. Barron’s New GRE: –

Barron relatively does a very good job of covering almost all the topics that are needed for you to study. But the Math section for students who prepare GRE themselves and haven’t solved Maths for a while will face some problems. The AWA section is not very good in Barron’s. It doesn’t give in depth details of AWA section. So Rating for this book will be 6/10.

3. Manhattan GRE: –

This book is the best book if you want to have a complete grasp in everything in GRE. Of course money is an issue over here.  Manhattan GRE is not a single book but a set of eight books, consisting of 1,500 pages. That actually explains the pricing for it. It is the best book in the market providing you with each detail and the Strategies are the best over here. You will have a complete grasp on both Verbal as well as Quant. Rating for this book is 8/10. But the only problem here is the cost of this book.

4. Kaplan’s New GRE: –

Kaplan has been one of the best books that students refer for the GRE. But with respect to the new GRE. Kaplan looks perfect , but, when you look closer, much of their content will leave you unprepared for the actual test. Indeed, if you practice only from Kaplan, you’ll be in for a big shock test day. Because the contents in Kaplan are exactly not up to the new GRE level. Rating for this book will be 4/10.

5. McGraw-Hill’s New GRE: –

It’s one of the worst book if you are preparing for Revised GRE. Problems are too easy and it doesn’t match with the actual GRE level questions and even the strategies are not great. Rating for this book will be 2/10. Please don’t go for it.

6. Princeton Review Cracking The New GRE: –

This book actually offer good strategies and questions for Verbal. It also offers strategies for Maths, for those who are just beginning with Maths. With respect to the amount of content, this book falls short off. I recommend it only for those beginning their GRE journey, especially for those who haven’t seen math for a while. Rating for this book will be 5/10.

7. Gruber’s Complete GRE: –

This is the book you definitely don’t want to go for. It’s actually a mix between the old GRE and an easy SAT.It fails to provide helpful math or verbal strategies, the level of practice questions you need to prepare you for test day. The verbal especially focuses towards the old GRE approach  – big lists, subpar definitions, roots lists, and overly general vocab grouping.  Best avoided. Rating for this book will be 2/10.


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  2. I have been preparing from the last one month, but i’ve hardly made any progress in the GRE verbal section. I keep making mistakes especially in the reading comprehension part. When I check the answers I feel that i ve made very silly mistakes. Please suggest techniques by which i will be able to better comprehend the passages.

  3. Hi shrinivas raghav !! my self I am teja right now I am studying B.Tech 1st year EIE(Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering ) so I wanna pursue MS in united states that’s my dream ! so wat do u suggest me 2 do right now for getting a admission in one of the top universities in us & I even wanna start peperations seriously for Gree & Tofel !! so wat r the Best Books that u suggest me so that I can get a very very high marks in both gree & tofel !! pls send me reply 2 my questions pls send me ur suggestions pls,,,,,,,, !! I am awiting for ur reply this is my mail id 4u

  4. Dear Sir,

    I am from Anna University, Chennai. My CGPA was 8.209 out of 10. can you please tell me what is the exact GPA for getting admission into US university.

  5. Hi!
    I’m a fresher and have completed my engineering from UPTU, this year ie. July2015.
    I would like to go for MS CS from US and would write GRE soon.
    My query is related to the test date, when should I write GRE if i want admission next year i.e., in 2016 batch.
    Last date is 27th november. Also, help me with college deadlines and is it that good universities have early deadlines? Thanks!

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