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Today I thought of inspiring the students who have started their journey towards MS or PhD by preparing and getting ready for the GRE Exam. As the post title suggests, I will be discussing the Attitude a student must possess when he/she has started the journey towards MS/PhD in USA or any other country.

A success of a student getting into a dream university will always depend on the attitude the student possesses during the entire journey of applying for MS or PhD. Here are the tips on the Attitude that you should possess when you start your journey towards MS or PhD.

1) Be Sure You Want This: –

I have seen students who have given their GRE and TOEFL Exams just because their friends have given it. This should not be the attitude. Firstly, before you start your journey towards MS, you must be sure and clear that you want to pursue MS or PhD no matter what happens. Just ask one question to yourself before you start your journey Do I want to do MS or Not?” If your answer is Yes, then don’t look back, start your journey by preparing for GRE and TOEFL Exams. Start your journey towards MS or PhD only if you are interested and passionate for higher studies and not because your friends are interested.

2) Decide On The Universities Even Before You Give Your Exams: –

Many students decide on which Universities to go for after giving their GRE and TOEFL Exams. I feel this is not a right way to do so. You have to first decide on which Universities that you will be targeting for your MS. All Students want to go for the Best University. After deciding the Universities in which you want to go, put all your efforts towards preparing for GRE and TOEFL Exams and always have it in your mind that you want to study in that University and no other one.

3) Forget The Past And Focus On Present: –

Students always dwell in their past and loose focus on the present. Many Students have asked me that “My Percentage/CGPA/GPA is low. Can I get a good University?” I would say do not dwell in your past. You can’t change what you have done. If you have a low Percentage/CGPA/GPA, it can’t be changed. But that does not mean you should think that you will not get a good University. I have always said that Universities have a holistic approach towards selecting students. They will look at (GPA + GRE + TOEFL + SOP + LOR + Resume) before selecting a student. If you are weak only in one aspect (GPA) and strong in the rest, then you will get into a good University.

4) Always Aim High In Exams: –

Many students have asked me “What is the ideal score in GRE and TOEFL for getting into a Good University?” I suppose many of you might have this question in your mind now while you read this post. I would say the ideal score in GRE is 340 and ideal score in TOEFL is 120. Always aim high. Focus on getting 340/340 in GRE and 120/120 in TOEFL. Do not restrain yourself for a less score. Have an attitude of getting the maximum score in both the Exams. Give a lot of Practice tests and see how you perform. I know it’s difficult to get such a score in both exams but it’s not impossible. Put in your efforts and always have it in your mind that you want the maximum score in both these exams.

5) Got A Less Score, Go For It Again: –

Students do ask me “Whether I have to give the GRE or TOEFL Exam again because I have got a less score? Or Can I get a Good University with this Score?” As said above you should decide on which University to go for even before you give your Exams. After receiving your Scores if your desired University requires even more scores for you to apply, then there should be no doubt lingering in your mind. You have to go for these Exams again since you want to go to that University. Do not settle for any other University. You must be hungry towards achieving your goal, which is getting into your desired University no matter what.

6) Never Take Anything lightly When You Are Applying For MS Or PhD: –

I have seen students who have got great scores in GRE and TOEFL but not getting into their desired Universities just because they didn’t put their efforts towards creating a good Statement Of Purpose (SOP) and Letters Of Recommendations (LOR). Everything is important when you are applying for MS or PhD. You must never take anything lightly and put in all your efforts. Prepare a good SOP and LOR and get it corrected from multiple professors of your college to make sure your SOP is good.

7) Stay Focused, Stay Confident & Stay Hungry: –

Applying for MS or PhD is a big process and it requires that you should be focused, confident and hungry towards achieving your goals. Never let any negative thought shift focus from your goal of getting into your Dream University. Always remember that “You Can Do It & You will get Into Your Dream University.” Put all your efforts towards your goal.

To Conclude: –

This should be the Attitude of a Student applying for MS or PhD: “Staying Focused, Staying Confident & Staying Hungry To achieve the Goal.” I hope this post was inspiring for you and I hope I was able to motivate you.

image credit: akosicamz.wordpress.com

Attitude Of A Student Applying For MS Or PhD

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