At The F-1 Visa Interview

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Below are the Guidelines on how to present yourself at the visa Interview.

1. Use formal dress to appear for interview.

2. Use Executive clothing; deep and bright colors may not suit the occasion.Clothes have to be clean and ironed to represent order and discipline.

3. Carry only relevant documents.

4. Do not present any certificates unless asked for.

5. Remember to collect all the certificates given for perusal at the interview. And if you had any doubts clarify there itself.

6. Greet the interviewer first, even if VO is not listening or not looking at you.

7. While answering questions remember to look at the interviewer instead of looking down. Keep continuous eye contact with visa officer throughout the interview.

8. Avoid bad body language and mannerisms like touching moustache, scratching nose, or arranging hair or any kind of unwanted things as per the interview norms.

9. Listen to questions carefully to comprehend. If you have not understood a question, politely request for a repeat.

10. Give short answers unless asked for longer ones. If possible always be prepared with two sets of answers for questions, both long and short. First give short answer and if VO asks for details then give  long answer or explain in detail. So that you will be still in comfort zone.

11. Exude confidence but not arrogance.

12. Mouth all words clearly and speak loud enough to hear.

13. Answer immediately without wasting time.

14. Avoid being too humorous or ironical in your answers. But little fun with good sense of humor is always welcome.

15. Keep looking at the VO and never at other things in the room or at other counters.

16. Don’  t become conscious of others looking at you or watching. Remember its your visa and your future. Between VO and you no one exists.

17. Give  authentic  information  about  any  details  connected  with  your  documents. Remember they can cross-verify any detail within no time.

18. Answers should not be given in a raised voice even when the question comes in that manner. Remember VO will be having tough time too, with huge volumes of applicants and asking same questions  and listening almost identical answers day in and day out. They too will be under great pressure to issue  a visa till the applicant intentions and arranging of funds are made clear to them. It’  s not that we  should  feel comfortable in interview,  but  in  our  personal  opinion  we  should  also  make  VO  comfortable  by presenting  all  facts  and  figures  in  a  systematic  and  organized  way  of  answering, presenting documentary evidence whenever necessary or asked for.

19. Never become desperate, wearisome and tiresome even if the interview is going in a long way than expected. Still try to maintain your composure, looking positive, confident and smiling.

20. Answer questions in simple single sentences. Use a language that is easy to understand but formal in its usage.

21. Avoid giving additional information unless asked for it.

22. If you  are complimented  for your answers,  achievements,  scores  and percentages, remember to thank the VO.

23. Avoid repeating the phrases or words. Remember you have gone through GRE and TOEFL and speak accordingly.

24. Keep a smiling face so as to welcome any questions.

25. It is un-wise to contradict an answer through a subsequent answer. Always stick to the same answer whenever asked for.

26. An applicants behavior should convince the VO about the quality of personality that the candidate has.

27. Avoid any exhibition of emotions other than the feelings of welcoming questions and ready to give the answers.

28. You have to make the answers short, to the point and precise.

29. Develop Language skills including good pronunciation and effective expressions.

30. Use simple yet forceful language.

31. Practice to arrange facts logically.

32. Meet difficult questions with a smile.

33. Don’  t be unduly emotional during interview.

34. If you present an argument give facts to support it.

35. Continue to be pleasant throughout interview and a smile helps a lot.

36. Check your body language.

37. Be polite: Show no signs of arrogance or superiority.

38. Never give an impression that you are desperate to go to USA.

39. Never give an impression that you are confused at any point of time.

40. Don’  t get disheartened if any of your views are answers were were shunned by VO or VO not listening to you. Sometimes VO wants to test your patience. Just stay positive.

41. Just Be confident of your success. Give answers confidently, boldly, and visa will be yours.

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