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I just came across a question in one of the facebook groups and I wanted to discuss about the question that was asked by the student. “Hi friends, due my surname problem i have applied for a new passport recently but i have booked visa slot with old passport what do i tell the visa consultant? 

I thought of discussing about the this topic in detail and wanted to share some thoughts with respect to the question asked by the student.

Answer from Admin:

Here are certain points you should always remember:

1) When you have decided to pursue our Masters in USA or any other country, the first thing you should do is check your passport. Check for its expiry date, whether your name has been spelled correctly etc. If you want to apply for a new passport due to any reason, this is the right time to apply for it. So always remember to have a passport which has your information correctly and then go ahead and book dates for GRE, TOEFL etc.

If you wish to change your passport at any point in time after you gave your tests and applied to Universities, it is a complicated process, so do not do such a thing.

2) With respect to  the question asked by the student, you have to again create a new DS 160 form. Since you have already booked your visa slot, please check this link as to what needs to be done: Mistake in DS 160, booked Visa Slot. What to do?

3) You have forgotten that you have used your old passport for applying for the Universities and for giving your GRE and TOEFL Exams. You must make changes in your passport number when you get a new passport by contacting ETS and the University you will be going into.

Here’s What you need to do:


Remember, always check your passport the day you decide to pursue your Masters. The first step towards your Masters is not preparing for GRE and TOEL Exam, it’s checking your passport and ensuring that your passport is not expiring soon and all the details are correct in your passport.

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Applied For New Passport, Booked F-1 Visa Interview With Old One: What to do?

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