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Listed Below are the Universities Application Deadlines for MS in Electrical Engineering and also combined MS Courses of Electrical Engineering. The List Contains Application Deadlines for Spring and Fall Semester. This Information has been collected from the All the Universities Site. If you find any error in this list please feel free to comment the error in comment box.



If the deadline for Spring is not provided then it means that the Universities don’t have spring intake.

No Deadline: –  You will see some Universities will have a No Deadline written in Spring/Fall Application Deadline. It means that these Universities accept Applications throughout the year and they normally process Applications in Rolling, which means they process your application as soon as they receive it.

   Sr No.        University  Spring   Fall
1 Arizona State University Sep-15 Mar-15
2 Auburn University Jul-01 Jan-31
3 Boston University Jan-15
4 Brown University Jan-01
5 California Institute Of Technology Mar-04
6 Carnegie Mellon University Oct-01 Dec-15
7 Case Western Reserve University Jan-15
8 Clarkson University Jan-31
9 Clemson University May-01
10 Colorado State University Mar-01
11 Columbia University in City Of New York Oct-01 Feb-15
12 Cornell University Jan-02
13 Drexel University Feb-22
14 Duke University Jan-15
15 Florida Atlantic University May-10
16 Florida International University Jun-01
17 Florida State University Oct-01 Mar-30
18 George Washington University Sep-01 Jan-15
19 Georgia Institute Of Technology Jul-01 Dec-01
20 Illinois Institute Of Technology Oct-15 Mar-15
21 Iowa State University Feb-01
22 John Hopkins University Jan-11
23 Kansas State University Jan-15
24 Lehigh University Nov-01 Apr-01
25 Louisiana State University Oct-15 Feb-01
26 Michigan State University Sep-15 Jan-15
27 Michigan Technological University Jan-01
28 Mississippi State University No Deadline No Deadline
29 New Jersey Institute Of Technology Nov-15 May-01
30 New Mexico State University No Deadline No Deadline
31 North Carolina State University Jul-01 Dec-15
32 Northeastern University Jan-15
33 Northwestern University Jan-18 May-15
34 Ohio State University Apr-01
35 Oklahoma State University Jan-15
36 Oregon State University Jan-15
37 Penn State University No Deadline No Deadline
38 Princeton University Dec-31
39 Purdue University Sep-15 May-01
40 Rensselaer Polytechnic Aug-15 Jan-01
41 Rice University Jan-15
42 Rutgers New Brunswick Campus Nov-01 Feb-15
43 State University Of New York, Binghamton Oct-01 Feb-01
44 State University Of New York, Buffalo Sep-15 Jan-31
45 State University Of New York, Stony Brook No Deadline No Deadline
46 Syracuse University Oct-15 Jun-15
47 Texas A&M University Jan-15
48 Texas tech University Aug-01 Feb-01
49 Tufts University Jan-01
50 University Of Alabama, Huntsville Jul-01
51 University Of Arizona Jul-15 Dec-15
52 University Of Arkansas Nov-15 Jul-01
53 University Of California, Davis Mar-31
54 University Of California, Irvine Jan-15
55 University Of California, Los Angeles Jan-15
56 University Of California, Riverside May-01
57 University Of California, San Diego Dec-15
58 University Of California, Santa Barbara Nov-01 Jan-15
59 University Of California, Santa Cruz Jan-03
60 University Of Central Florida Jul-01 Jan-15
61 University Of Cincinnati Mar-31
62 University Of Colorado, Boulder Oct-01 Dec-01
63 University Of Connecticut Aug-01 Feb-01
64 University Of Dayton No Deadline No Deadline
65 University Of Delaware Oct-01 Feb-01
66 University Of Denver Feb-01
67 University Of Florida Jul-01 Jan-15
68 University Of Houston Nov-01 Jul-15
69 University Of Idaho Feb-01
70 University Of Illinois, Chicago Jan-01
71 University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Nov-15 Jan-15
72 University Of Iowa Sep-01 Jan-01
73 University Of Kansas Jan-15
74 University Of Kentucky Oct-31 Jun-15
75 University Of Louisville Jan-15
76 University Of Maryland, Baltimore Jun-01 Jan-01
77 University Of Maryland, College Park Feb-01
78 University Of Massachusetts, Amherst May-01
79 University OF Michigan, Ann Arbor Jan-15
80 University Of Minnesota Dec-01
81 University OF Mississippi Mar-01
82 University Of Missouri, Columbia Oct-01 May-01
83 University Of Missouri, Rolla Dec-01 Jun-01
84 University Of Nebraska, Lincoln Oct-01 Mar-01
85 University Of Nevada, Reno Aug-15 Feb-15
86 University Of New Mexico No Deadline No Deadline
87 University Of North Carolina, Charlotte Oct-01 May-01
88 University Of Notre Dome Jan-15
89 University Of Oklahoma, Norman Campus Apr-01
90 University Of Pennsylvania Dec-15
91 University Of Pittsburgh No Deadline No Deadline
92 University Of Rochester Jan-15
93 University Of South Carolina, Columbia Sep-01 Mar-01
94 University Of South Florida Mar-01
95 University Of Southern California Sep-01 Dec-01
96 University Of Tennessee Jul-01
97 University Of Texas, Austin Dec-15
98 University Of Texas, Dallas Jul-01
99 University Of Texas, San Antonio Sep-01 Mar-01
100 University Of Texas, Tyler Sep-30 Apr-30
101 University Of Toledo Jan-15
102 University Of Utah Apr-15
103 University Of Washington Dec-15
104 University Of Wisconsin-Madison May-01
105 Utah State University No Deadline No Deadline
106 Vanderbilt University Jan-15
107 Virginia Polytechnic Mar-01
108 Washington State University Jul-01 Jan-10
109 Washington University, St.Louis Jan-15
110 Wayne State University Oct-01 May-01
111 Yale University Dec-31

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If you want to add any other Universities in this list please suggest it in comment box.


Application Deadlines For MS in Electrical Engineering (EE)

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