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Listed Below are the Universities Application Deadlines for MS in Civil Engineering. The List Contains Application Deadlines for Spring and Fall Semester. This Information has been collected from the All the Universities Site. If you find any error in this list please feel free to comment the error in comment box.

If the deadline for Spring is not provided then it means that the Universities don’t have spring intake.

No Deadline: –  You will see some Universities will have a No Deadline written in Spring/Fall Application Deadline. It means that these Universities accept Applications throughout the year and they normally process Applications in Rolling, which means they process your application as soon as they receive it.

If you want me to add any other Universities please suggest it in the Comment Box.

Sr.No Universities Spring Fall
1 Arizona State University Jul-01 Jan-01
2 Auburn University Aug-15 Feb-01
3 Brigham Young University Oct-15 Feb-15
4 California Institute Technology Dec-15
5 Carnegie Mellon University Dec-31
6 Clarkson University Aug-31 Jan-31
7 Clemson University Feb-01
8 Colorado State University Sep-01 Mar-01
9 Columbia University Oct-01 Feb-15
10 Cornell University Jan-15
11 Duke University Sep-01 Feb-15
12 George Washington University Mar-01
13 Georgia Institute Of Technology No Deadline No Deadline
14 Iowa State University Aug-01 Feb-01
15 Johns Hopkins University Jan-16
16 Kansas State University Feb-01
17 Lehigh University Jan-01
18 Louisiana State U & A&m College Feb-01
19 Massachusetts Inst Of Technology Dec-15
20 Michigan State University Oct-15 Dec-31
21 North Carolina State University Jul-15 Mar-01
22 Northeastern University Jan-15
23 Northwestern University Dec-31
24 Ohio State University Apr-01
25 Oklahoma State University Feb-01
26 Old Dominion University Oct-01 Apr-15
27 Oregon State University Jan-15
28 Pennsylvania State University Oct-15 Jan-15
29 Princeton University Dec-31
30 Purdue University Dec-31
32 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst Jan-15
33 Rice University Nov-01 Jan-15
34 Stanford University Jan-05
35 State Univ Of New York-Buffalo Jan-15
36 Syracuse University Oct-15 Jun-01
37 Texas A&m University No Deadline No Deadline
38 Texas Tech University Jun-01
39 Univ Of California-Los Angeles Dec-15
40 Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign Sep-01 Jan-04
41 Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst Oct-01 Jan-01
42 Univ Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill No Deadline No Deadline
43 University Of Arizona Jun-01 Feb-01
44 University Of California-Berkeley Mar-01
45 University Of California-Davis Dec, Jan-15, May-31
46 University Of California-Irvine No Deadline No Deadline
47 University Of Cincinnati Apr-01
48 University Of Colorado Oct-01 Dec-01
49 University Of Connecticut Feb-01
50 University Of Delaware Dec-01 Jul-01
51 University Of Florida Sep-30 Apr-01
52 University Of Houston Feb-01
53 University Of Illinois At Chicago Oct-15 Feb-15
54 University Of Iowa Aug-01 Feb-01
55 University Of Kansas Nov-01 Jan-01
56 University Of Kentucky Jul-01
57 University Of Maryland College Park Feb-01 Jun-01
58 University Of Michigan Feb-15
59 University Of Minnesota Dec-31
60 University Of Mississippi Jun-01
61 University Of Missouri-Columbia Nov-15 Mar-01
62 University Of Missouri-Rolla No Deadline No Deadline
63 University Of Nebraska-Lincoln Oct-15 Feb-15
64 University Of New Hampshire Apr-01
65 University Of Notre Dame Feb-01
66 University Of Oklahoma May-15 Jan-15
67 University Of Pittsburgh Jul-01 Mar-01
68 University Of Tennessee-Knoxville Feb-01
69 University Of Texas At Austin Sep-01 Dec-15
70 University Of Texas, El Pasco Nov-01 Jul-01
71 University Of Virginia Aug-01 Apr-01
72 University Of Washington Jan-10
73 University Of Wisconsin-Madison Jan-15
74 Utah State University Oct-15 Jun-15
75 Vanderbilt University Jan-15
76 Virginia Polytech Inst & State University May-01
77 Washington State University Jul-01 Jan-10
78 Washington University Mar-01
79 West Virginia University Jun-01
Application Deadlines For MS in Civil Engineering

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