Answers to Common F-1 Visa Interview Questions

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Hello Everyone,

I got a lot of requests with respect to providing the best possible Answers to Common Visa Interview Questions. So here it is. I have given the Answers the best possible way for the Common F-1 Visa Interview Questions. If you have a different way to Answer to these Questions, please post it in the Comment Box. So let’s have a look at the Answers of Common F-1 Visa Interview Questions.


1. Why Your GRE Scores are Low and why didn’t you try again for GRE? 

Sir, with respect to low GRE Scores, the main reason was not managing the Time Properly, which had left me with a very small amount of time to tackle the remaining questions, as a result a fall in GRE Scores. The reason for not trying again is because I believed that with my Scores I would get into the University XYZ (The University that you got into). My Aim was to get into this University due to various factors and I got an admit from it. So that’s the reason I didn’t give my GRE Exam again.

(“This is my version for getting a low GRE Score but as everyone as their own reason for low GRE, specify that.”)

2. Why are your Academics Percentage/GPA on the lower side?

Again this is a question, which Answer will vary from one to another Student. But this is my version of it. As you can see Sir, my percentage was low in the First year because I the subjects where very general and not specific to my Field and also I had to adapt to the Semester pattern, but as you can see after that my Percentage is always on the Rise. So I understood my mistakes and I was very well able to adapt to the semester patterns which resulted in good percentage in the latter stages.

3. What are your plans after Graduation?

“After Graduation, I will certainly enjoy and go out with my friends and will try to Work in a US company during my OPT to gain valuable experience in the corporate field before returning to my country..” OR  You can also put it this way “After Graduation I plan to work for few years in a US company to get a Corporate Experience in the US and then plan to come back to India.”

4. What is Special about the University that you have selected and have you contacted anyone in that University?

Sir the main reason for selecting the University XYZ is that, it has a good research facilities which can be really helpful to me if I decide to study further. Secondly the Professors are really good since I communicated with them and they gave me a complete detail regarding this course to me, which really made me feel to pursue my MS in this University. Finally the Curriculum is designed in such a way that I will be able to learn and gain a lot of Knowledge about my field.

5. What will you do if your student visa is Rejected?

Firstly I think, I gave my best in this Interview and I believe I should not be rejected, But if I am rejected then I will figure out the mistakes that I have made in the Interview and then re-apply, because I have set my goal to pursue my MS in this University. So I will look into the mistakes and re-apply as soon as possible Sir.

6. Why USA and not any other Country?

There are many reasons for selecting US. One of the reasons is The Universities in the US has a practical approach with respect to any field. So having a practical approach will help me in gaining more Knowledge regarding my field. Secondly the Universities in the US are ranked much better than any other Universities, and by Studying in the best Universities will certainly help me in gaining the Best Knowledge about my field.

7. Do you plan to pursue higher studies after MS?

At this moment Sir, my complete focus is on doing my Masters in my field. But if I am really interested in the research in the latter stages of my MS then certainly I will pursue my Further Studies, that is PhD Sir.

8. I think you will stay in USA and not come back to India. I think I have to reject you.

Sir, as I said I am planning to Work for few years for gaining a Corporate Experience in my field at this moment. I have my parents back in India, and I need to take care of them since they are both going to retire, So certainly I will be back to India and I would say that the assumption regarding me staying in US is wrong Sir.

9. So how are you planning to get funded for 2 to 3 years that you are going to stay in USA?

Sir as you have seen my Bank Statements and other records, I have the funding that is required for pursuing and completing my MS. Apart from that I will also get enrolled in Financial Aid that the University provides by which I can manage my Expenses that are required to live in the US Sir.

10. Why are you planning to go in Fall/Spring only?

As my Under Graduation will be completed in the month of May, I have decided not to waste anytime and go ahead with my Dream of pursuing MS in my field in this fall itself. That’s the reason I didn’t choose Spring Sir.

11. You are talking about research then why don’t you opt PhD rather than MS?

Sir, At this moment I have my fixed my Plans towards MS rather than PhD. The reason I was talking about research facilities is that if I intend to carry on with my Studies then I need not change my University plus Research facilities are really useful while you are doing your project work in your MS.

12. So you got admission to abc university. But xyz univ also has good course for same grad program as yours and it also has better ranking. Why didn’t you apply to xyz univ.

Apart from University Rankings, I always will choose a University which has the best professors. I have been in contact with Professors of abc University and I really was happy with their way of communication and how they explained about the course and other details regarding the University. Apart from this the Tuition fees of ABC University is within my reach which is also the reason I choose ABC over XYZ University. (This is a general Answer but the Answer will change depending on which two Universities are being compared).

Hope I was able to cover up the Common F-1 Visa Interview Questions. If you need me to cover some more questions please suggest in the comment box.

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  1. ok.. so you got admission to abc university. But xyz univ also has good course for same grad program as yours and it also has better ranking. Why didn’t you apply to xyz univ ?

  2. if vo asks “you have studied electrica in btech, why aru changing ur program to mba finance” nd regarding low gpa

    • The reason for change is an answer that you should be knowing it. Why do you want to do MBA Finance? Just give a simple answer to it. That should do.

      With respect to Low GPA, you can say some reasons and state that you have learnt from your mistakes and are well prepared to tackle the MBA

  3. i got i20 from university of central missouri.. can you tell me the ans if vo ask me y u have selected this univ or tell me abt your univ.. what i hav to say plss reply me as soon as possible.. my visa on 2nd july

    • You can simply tell him that you have selected the Univ. based on it’s curriculum… You really loved it, plus the faculty is really good in the Univ. Mention few professors that you contacted with..,. And mention some general points abt the Univ. like when it started, what type of Univ. it is etc.

  4. I gave gre 3 times. first two times the result didnt improve (290+) eactly same in both the sections. the first two xams i took it outside my native center. Later the managed to get 305+ when i took it in same city. Kindly let me know what shall be my appropriate answer to the question. .

    • I dont think qns are easy to tough depending on the city. Its just that u have taken it 2 times already and for the third time u were comfortable with it and hence u scored well. If that was the case, then ETS would be a fraud company

  5. what should i reply to the vo if he asks” You got I20 from 3 universities, but you choose to study Human Resourse over marketing but you have been working as a Marketing Manager for the last two years?’

  6. say,i want to immigrate to the us after my ms and stay there permanently but should i mention this to the vo or is f1 visa only for non immigrant

  7. Hey I have a very serious problem here. My B.E timeline was (2005-2009). But I passed out in 2010 due to many backlogs. I secured 57.5% in VTU university. I didnt work for two years. I then pursued my MBA (2012-2014) but will pass put now in June 2015. I have 60% here in VTU university with 3 backlogs. I am trying for Spring 2016 for MS. I have no work experience. Will I ever have a chance to pursue MS in USA which is my dream? Will my VISA ever be approved? I dont want to submit fake experience since I am scared of the consequences. I will be giving my GRE and TOEFL in May and June respectively. Ur help will really change my life. Hoping for your reply. Thank you.

  8. I completed my in andhra university. If vo asks me that you already completed your M.Tech and why you are showing interest in Masters? Then what i have to say?

  9. i completed my in 2011. now am planning to do my MS in chemistry. if VO asks why after 4 yrs u are planning to higher studies?? what should i ans?? plz give me reply??

  10. Sir,I have done my UG in ECE and I have applied to master’s in Computer science I need a suggestion from you how to answer to vo regarding this topic

  11. i applied in only one university which i wanted to get in, and fortunately i got accepted. what should i reply if VO asks that why applied in only one university??

    • You should reply stating that you only wanted to go to this univ because of its course structure, professors and research oriented coursework which no other univ is providing. Talk about the advantages of going to this univ over other and hence you chose to apply to only this univ

  12. Hi I have completed my graduation in 2014 and i got admit in university of bridgeport,and i didn’t work in dis period of wat I need to ans if dey ask me wat u did in dis one year period?..

    • Tell them that you were preparing your self for the Masters program. You started to study the coursework and had too invest a lot of time towards GRE and TOEFL Exams. Tell them you used the time appropriately.

  13. Sir My gre score is 292(158Q + 134V) awa 3 and toefl 88.I am not understanding what to answer if they ask about my low verbal score.And what should I answer if they ask “why did u prefer toefl and not ielts?” Awaiting your reply.Thankyou

    • They won’t ask why did you prefer TOEFL over IELTS at all. It’s up to the student to choose any one of the exam to give. Its totally a student’s choice.

      Regarding low GRE and TOEFL score, you have to specify where exactly you went wrong and what mistakes you did due to which your score dropped. But you mention that your score was enough to get into the university you wanted to join

  14. hi
    my interview is on 25 june for Dallas Baptist University(MBA in MIS)

    what to say if vo asked why mba in mis?

    about your department?

    my elder bro is der on h1 what to say about him i will be asked as i seem potential immigrant?

    as i have low ug score as well as low gre so what possible reason i can give ?

    awaiting your reply.
    thank you.

    • 1) You have specify the reason why you selected the program in this University. Tell it advantages and the courses you like.

      2) Tell how good the department is and why do you think doing an MS would help you in your career.

      3) With respect to elder brother, you need to focus on that unless asked. You just specify that your primary motive is to do MS and nothing else.

      4) Tell the reason for your low score. Tell the learnings you took from it and what made you confident enough to pursue MS.

  15. Hi,
    I have completed my and MBA(2014 passed out) and now working as Marketing Executive.
    I want to pursue my MS in Marketing and planning to apply for Spring 2016.If vo asks me that you already completed your MBA and why you are showing interest in Masters again? Then what i have to say?

    • You can state that you wish to gain in depth knowledge in your field, which motivated you towards pursuing MS and the course offerings certainly help you to elevate your knowledge in your field.

  16. Hi, i was denied visa in line with section 214( b) of the US immigration Act. However, i was asked to reapply. Sir, could you please tell and provide answers to the interview questions that are likely to come up in this second attemp.
    Also, i haven’t payed my tuition fees, if the VO ask me if i payed my tuition fees, or ask me to provide an evidence of the payment, what answer will i give?
    Again, my prospective school does not provide accomodation for its students. However, it is positioned to help its student in getting an accomodation off campus. If the VO ask were i am going to stay when i get to the US, what answer will i give considering the fact that i have not made any acommodation plan?
    Lastly, wat reasons should i give for not applying to other universities?
    I look forward to your reply Sir.
    Thank you!

    • Firstly,the questions remain the same in whichever attempt you go for. Just that they will be asking why do you think your visa for rejected previously?

      Secondly, they will never ask whether you have paid your fees or not. Generally students pay the fees after coming to USA. Again this is a question they wont be asking you.

      Thirdly, you can specify that you will be living with a friend temporarily before finding yourself an permanent accommodation. Again this is a question they wont be asking you.

      Lastly, regarding why you didn’t apply to other Univs, you can easily state that you were interested in the coursework provided by this Univ and no other Univ had such a good coursework and faculty and hence you wanted to aim only for this Univ and no other.

  17. I am married women have four years of experience in IT field and planning to pursue my Masters in computer science now. What if they ask me why you want to study now after a gap.

  18. I’m applying in the US University without giving TOEFL, IELTS or any other tests and they have sent me I-20. What if vo ask me, why haven’t you attempted any english tests? What should be my correct answer?

  19. Hi I have completed M.Tech in Power Systems Engineering in 2014, worked for a year and half in an IT company. I applied for MS and got through for Spring, MS in EE. What should i answer say the VISA officer asks me why an MS after an M.Tech?

  20. Hi Bro,

    Thank You for Making a blog which useful for MS aspirants and VISA Interviews.

    I have a small issue regarding VISA interview hope you would might help me getting over it. My issue is that Im going to VISA with change of Major From Civil to CIS(Computer Information Systems). If VO asks me about the same what should i answer.
    Thank You in Advance. Please Reply ASAP. as my Visa interview is getting close.


  21. Hi sir,

    I have completed my under graduation in civil.Now i got admit in Masters in Engineering.If VO asked me why your changing your major what should i answer.I had one experience as Architech

  22. hello,
    i got admission in chicago state university. but i have my ielts score 5 bands thus,is there any problem with my ielts score but i have 284 in GRE and i have 74%(0 backlogs) in my i want to apply for visa hence if visa officer asks why ur ielts score is low? what should i tell to ace the visa approval
    plz help me…………………….

  23. Hi,

    I have a 3 year degree in science (2nd divison) and 7 years experience in Training and development. I have an interest in doing MS in instructional design.

    What are the options for me since a 4 year degree or 3year degree with 1st division is accepted as US undergrad equivalence.

    Are there courses I can take here in India before proceeding to the US or are there pathway programs I can take in the US to bring up my equivalence?

    I am applying for Fall 2016

  24. Hi,

    I am preparing myself for my visa interview, so I want to talk to a professor of my university but the main problem is that I dint know what to talk about.

  25. i have been offered biology at a university .i would like to further to medicine . But how do i convince the officer that i will return after completing the 4 yr biology major?

  26. Hi,
    My brother in Law (Software Engineer in USA ) is sponsoring me for my MS in US, Is it be a problem during my F-1 Visa. My Parents are not able to sponsor that much money.

  27. i got very low score on my toefl. and it doesn’t meet the university requirement. but i got admission and I have to take englsih intensive class. What should i say if vo ask your english is not proficient?

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