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Day before yesterday I got a query from a student which was a little unusual from the rest. The student had registered for his TOEFL Exam through the Official ETS Website. After Registering for the TOEFL Exam, the Registration Information said to bring his own laptop at the center for giving the TOEFL Test. I too had never heard of ETS requesting students to bring their laptops at TOEFL Test Center.

Kindly check whether you too are getting such a request as shown below.

Registration Information Page

TOEFLWhat should I do If I too get the same Message after I register for TOEFL Exam?

If you too get such a message after you register for your TOEFL Exam, just ignore it. ETS has confirmed that it is an incorrect information that was being displayed after you register for the Exam. So no need to panic if you are getting such a message after the TOEFL Test registration.

Check this official ETS Link where they have confirmed that  the message that was displayed “Must Bring Your Own Laptop” is an incorrect one and they have asked to disregard it: – TOEFL Test Registration Error.

To Conclude: –

No need to panic if you are getting such messages after the test registration. ETS has mostly fixed the problem. But in case you get such a message, just avoid it and concentrate on your TOEFL Test preparation.

After TOEFL Test Registration It Says “Must Bring Your Own Laptop”: What To Do?

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