Affidavit of Support Template: F-1 Visa Interview

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Hello Everyone,


Here’s the Financial Support Document – Parent letter to Visa Officer. Below is a format of an Affidavit of Support to be carried with you during your visa interview. Please print this letter on a Rs 100 Stamp Paper. (If your parents are your only sponsors, then you need not prepare the affidavit on a stamp paper.

Just the below statement on plain paper with your parent’s signature below should suffice)

Financial Support Document/Affidavit of Support Template


Visa Officer, US Consulate Mumbai.


I/We, XXXXX  XXXXX  hereby certify that  I/we shall provide all the  necessary funding required   to   support my son’s/daughter’s   (XXXXX    XXXXX)   education   at XXXXXX University.

Please find attached  a statement giving the summary of the funds and assets available with me/us. These funds are available without any restrictions to cover all tuition and living expenses  of  our   son/daughter   XXXXXX   for  the  entire  duration   of  his/her education.

If you have any questions regarding the same, please do not hesitate to contact me/us.

Yours Sincerely





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