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In the last post, I discussed about various stages that which every Student has to go through when he/she reaches the US or any other Country for their MS/PhD. If you have not read the previous post, please click on this link. Inside The Students Mind: – Adjusting To The University Life.

This post will focus on important tips for Students to adjust and Settle in their University Life. This is the most important step in the life of a student, when he/she arrives at the University. Here are some of the important tips for Students.

Tips To Adjust And Settle In University Life: –

Below are the important tips that Students can go through and it will be helpful to adjust and settle in their new University Life.

1) It is really important to have regular contact with the family members at home by telephone and email. The initial days are the tough days as you have to adjust to your new life. The Family members will be of great help during these days of adjustment.

2) Give yourself enough time to adjust and settle into the new University Life. Don’t rush into any major decisions straight away and confuse yourself about returning home or staying there. Try not to keep looking back but look forward to the new experiences that lie ahead. Just flow with the new Life.

3) Always know that other students will be having similar experiences even though you may assume that they are doing fine. It’s not possible to read their minds and they can’t read yours.

4) Homesickness is natural and it’s ok to be sad and homesick during your initial days. It’s also fine to enjoy during the initial days with your new friends so that you can create a bond with them.

5) Try to make new friends. Making new friends and interacting with them regularly will buffer your sadness and homesickness that you are facing during the initial days of University Life.

6) Engage in activities and events. Join the various groups that you may be interested in. This will help you to create a good network of friends and also you will be busy if you engage with these events and activities that these groups generally hold.

7) As an International student, it can also be helpful to maintain frequent contact with other students from your country and thus re-inforce a sense of belonging. Developing wider friendships and social networks with other international students who may be facing similar challenges as yourself can be mutually supporting.

8) Try to maintain a balance between study, leisure and enjoyment so that you are spending adequate time undertaking your course work and not falling behind, as well as pursuing some ‘fun’ time to socialize and relax.

9) If you are facing any difficulties, you can contact the Advisors that are present at your University. Advisors can really be of help to tackle your issues and problems. Don’t hesitate to contact them as they are present to help you out with your issues.

10) Remember that it is important to care for your health; Eat well, Exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Physical activity can also improve your mood. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs because you are away from your usual social supports and you may put yourself more at risk.

11) Another factor to overcome homesickness is trying to make your accommodation feel more like home. So have things in your room that help make it homely, comfortable and familiar. Also think of this as the beginning of your adult life which could be an energizing process.

12) Try to keep yourself busy and involved in university and community-based activities that you may be able to participate in.

13) Organise a routine so that your new life can begin to feel normal

14) Remind yourself of all the reasons why you chose to study in US or any other country and think about the ways in which your studies will enhance your future career prospects.

To Conclude: – 

Always keep in mind that these are few obstacles that you need to overcome to achieve your big dream of working in an Organization, earning money and settling down.

Adjusting To University Life: – Tips For Students

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