Address In Passport Different From Current Address: – Visa Interview

Hello Everyone,

I got a query from a Student named Sai Dinesh, stating ” My Address on the passport is not my current address. So will that be a problem during my Visa interview?” It’s a very valid question and I think that many students might be having the same query in their minds as Students going for this fall will be busy looking towards their passport as to the details in the passport are correct or not. So let me discuss and answer this question as to whether there will be a problem in visa interview if your passport shows the old address.

Address In Passport

With respect to the Visa Interview no matter which country you will be going for your higher studies, the Passport Address issue will not be a problem. It’s ok if your passport has the old address printed while now you are living in some other address. During Visa Interview this won’t be an issue at all.

Changing Address In Passport

Even though you won’t have any issue in visa interview if your passport shows the old address, it’s better to get it updated. If your passport is about to expire in 2 to 3 years then it’s a good practice to go for an Re-Issue of passport. During the Re-Issue you can change the Address.

If your passport has sufficient years left then too you can easily update the current address in your passport by going to the Passport Office. It takes about one or two days to update your address in passport.

My Advice

So my advice will be that you can update your address in passport if you wish to, otherwise too you won’t have any issue during Visa Interview if your Passport displayed the old Address. But be careful to write in your current address when you schedule the Visa Appointment.

I hope I cleared the doubt.

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10 thoughts on “Address In Passport Different From Current Address: – Visa Interview

  1. Hi nice article, i jus got my passport an year ago and it has my hostel address on it which is different from my current address and i will be applyingfor universities in Canada soon. I wanted to know if it would be alright if i don’t bother changing the address and get it changed when i apply for a reissue after 10 years.

  2. hello.
    i am a state government officer, and get transferred after about every three years.

    do i need to change adress in passport , every time i get transfer. change of adress requires full payment again.

    i have read that visa does not require current and passport adress to be same.

    what are the mandatory conditions to change in adress in passport.

    thanks, in anticipation of response

    ..dr. amit

  3. Hi i got ma passport a year ago.It has my hostel address which is different from ma permanent or current address. is that cause any problem to have a passport with old address?? if so how can i update ma address??? Thanks in advance.

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