Adding Score Recipients After Registration of TOEFL Test

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Some Students where not knowing how to add Score Recipients after they have registered for the TOEFL Test. To explain you better Score Recipients are Universities to which you want to send your TOEFL Scores. ETS Allows you to send your Scores free to 4 Universities.


While Registering for your TOEFL Test, you will find a option to add Score Recipients or it will give you an option to add it later. Since many Students are not sure which Universities to choose so they select the option of adding Score Recipients later.

But some Students are not aware of the Steps to add Recipients after Registration. So here’s how you do it.

Step 1: – Go to the ETS TOEFL Login Page. Login Page of ETS TOEFL.

Step 2: – Click On ‘View Orders’ in the Home Page.

Step 3: – Click on your Order Number.

Step 4: – Click on ‘Modify’ besides Score Recipients.

Step 5: – Click on ‘Add Another Score Recipient’.

That’s it. It’s just Five Simple Steps that you need to follow for adding Score Recipients after Registration of TOEFL Test.

What is the Last Date Of Adding the Score Recipients?

Score report recipients can be added or deleted through the until 10 p.m. (local test center time) on the day prior to the test date. For selections made after the 10 p.m. deadline, there is a fee of US$18 for each score report.

I hope this post was Useful.

55 thoughts on “Adding Score Recipients After Registration of TOEFL Test

  1. Thanks soo much. this info was mighty useful. I was unable to figure this out and freaked out for a minute thinking i have ro pay an additional $18

  2. Thank you so much! This has been really helpful since I had already registered for my TOEFL exam but chose to add the score recipients later and now I didn’t know how to use my 4 free score reports.

  3. if i do not indicate score recipients before the test, and indicate them when i obtain the results, the first four reports will still be free?

  4. The universities I have selected to send TOEFL scores can not be viewed in the second log in. Any ideas on how to view it?

    • [Posting it here for benefit of all future test takers who are unable to see 4 univs after logging out and back]

      You need to “modify”, and then add only one university at a time. After adding one, click continue and confirm order. Once you see the confirmation, go back to the order and follow the above process for each of the 4 univs. With this I was finally able to add all 4 univ and was still able to see them in my order after logging out and back.

      I hope this helps. This page is a top Google hit on this topic, and this information is needed to be added to the main blog article.

  5. I want to know can i change the first 4 universities that i have already selected? Or will that also cost a fee? (P.S.:
    I intend to change the universities well before the 1 day deadline)….Please help

  6. After registration for TOEFL, I added some universities as score recipients. But every time I log out and come to modify the list, all recipients are already removed. I wonder this must not happen.
    Looking forward for solution.
    Thank YOu

  7. I need help with my brother.. when he was signing up for the test he forgot to enter the four free schools for his school recipient. so when he told me about it, I tried following the lead down steps to enter the school names before he sits for it but it does not appear on his modifying options. please help me set things right for him.

  8. At the time of submitting my application to TOEFL, I did not mention any University’s name. Now my TOEFL results are announced and I want to add the Universities’ names so that scores will be sent to the concerned Universities. For how many Universities I can send free and if it exceeds that limit, how much should pay?
    Please clarify.

  9. I did not add any recipients, now it’s after the exam and after commonapp deadline.
    what do i do? can i still send my scores and will they matter?
    please help me, i cannot find any information and i am freaking out.

    thank you

  10. Dear all,
    I had taken the TOEFL iBT test at 20/12/2014 and in my through my ETS account, I had selected four codes for four universities before the test date as a recipients and then I submitted the recipients,but, after the test every time I login to my iBT account I don’t find any recipients. Is there any problem or everything is ok? your help is highly appreciated.

      • I had the same issue. I followed these exact steps prior to the test date. Then after the test I registered an additional recipient ($).

        Later on I found out that my free scores hadn’t been registered! I don’t know why! I wrote to the ETS service but they haven’t answered back :(

  11. Can I see my university lists after registering ? When I am logging out my a/c unable to see those university What to do ?? Tomorrow is my exam? reply soon

  12. Hey!

    I’ve registered for 4 Universities already, but would like to register for 4 more. The site says

    “You have selected your 4 free score recipients at this time. You can order additional score recipients before or after the test.”

    Does that mean, i’ll have to select at the test center or something else?

    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. I gave my toefl test. I now want to send the score for 2 more universities, but I cannot find Modify option.
    Please tell I can I do that ?

  14. Hi,
    I need to send teofl scores to universities but i cant find modify option neither i am able to send via the send scores option. I gave the test last year in october.
    What should i do now?

  15. Hi there, I will take the TOEFL in 2 weeks but I can´t see the “modify” option for change my universities recipients. What´s happening?

  16. Hi i haven’t sent my scores to univerisities yet, and I am about to but I cannot find the option “modify”. What do I do??

  17. eerm my problem is, I wasn’t able to add any score recipient so isn’t there any way i can use to add a score recipient? I have already taken the test though.

  18. After registration for TOEFL, I added some universities as score recipients. But every time I log out and come to modify the list, all recipients are already removed.please help me out

    • Actually i modified the list . Added the universities too. When i pressed continue and clicked continue few more times it revert me back to orders where i no longer can modify the list. Please help me out .

  19. thank you so much ! really helped me ! i really got shocked when i was asked to pay ! but then u gave the right instructions! thank you

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