Hello Everyone,

Myself Shrinivas, I welcome you to usgraduatesblog.com. It’s a Blog that shares Information with students regarding MS.

What will you find in this Blog?

I have started this blog primarily to share and discuss on various topics regarding MS, that students generally don’t get a definite answer. Everyday I will be discussing about One Topic. If you want some topic to be discussed you can either Share with us by clicking on the menu bar which says ‘Share’ or you can mail me to venky280390@gmail.com.

How can you follow this Blog?

There are many ways to follow this Blog. One way is to subscribe. You will find the Subscribe option on the Homepage. Another way is to like this blog in Facebook. This is the Link for liking this Blog http://www.facebook.com/GreClub.

Why I started this Blog?

I started this Blog primarily because to guide students and to provide information that they might be searching for and not getting a definite answer. I generally help students, guide them and provide information about anything related to MS. Secondly, I always love the concept of Blogging. Because Blogs are different from Websites. Websites provide you Information but Blogs provide you Information and Experience of people who have gone through everything that you are going through, which in this case is getting into MS.

Do I do Blogging Full-Time?

No I do not do Blogging Full-Time. I worked as a Software Developer in an IT Company. I completed my MS In Information Systems in Northeastern University and I am working full time in Boston. So generally I write posts only after coming back from the office. I also encourage students to write posts so that we can get information from various people, Which I feel gives you an overall view. If you like to Share something please click on this Link: http://usgraduatesblog.com/share-your-experience/

Can you post these topics anywhere else?

I am really sorry to say this, but you cannot post these topics anywhere else. You can share the link of the Blog with your friends and relatives but you cannot post these topics anywhere else.

How do I solve my Query regarding a Post/Topic?

You can solve any query that you have regarding any topic by commenting below the post. I will reply to you as soon as possible. No worries about that.

How many people are there to manage this Blog?

I am the only one who manages this Blog. So In Weekdays I will be able to answer your queries only in the evening, Since I am working. But in Weekends I will be available throughout the day. So Kindly bear with me.


The information in this blog is provided with no warranties and confers no rights.  This Blog does not represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer.  It is entirely my opinion.  Feel free to question on any topics that are posted here and you can express what you feel about the topic, but I have the right to disapprove your comment only on certain conditions like use of abusive languages etc. So please express your views in a polite fashion.

Warm Regards


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