221g for Damaged Passport: F-1 Visa Interview

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Hello Everyone,

F-1 Visa

I just read a post on one of the facebook groups and though of sharing with you all. Here’s the student’s post ” VO said I am approving your visa but you have to submit a new passport because your passport is peeling off and handed me 221g white form . In that form VO has written my barcode number and has put a check over a check box filed stating that “submit a new passport with this letter at one of the visa application centers. No Visa fee will be charged”. 

Feeling tensed. Has anyone faced this situation ???”

Answer from Admin

Firstly, always remember that a damaged passport is never accepted by any country in the world. Always remember to keep your passport undamaged. Officially your passport will be called damaged under these conditions:

  • Water Damage Passport – Damage due to a Water Condition
  • Rip Passport – Rips or Tears Passport that make it hard to read
  • Suspicious Passport – Suspicious markings on the personal I.D. page
  • Torn Out Passport Pages – Pages that have been torn out
  • Holes Passport – Unapproved holes or staples
  • Other Damages Passport – Other Damages unapproved by custom officials

Under these conditions your passport is considered to be damaged. The first step when you have made up your mind to pursue your masters and started preparing for GRE and TOEFL, make sure to check your passport. Is it damaged? Is it going to expire soon? If yes, then go and make a new passport. It’s always good to do these things earlier than in the end when you have your F-1 Visa Interview.

Advise to Student

For the student, my advise will be to go and make a new passport using the tatkal scheme. With Tatkal, you will get your new passport very soon and you can follow the procedures given by the VO. Not to worry as you have enough days before you will travel to the USA. So make a new passport quickly.


I would again like to stress that a damaged passport won’t be considered during F-1 Visa Interview and you will get an 221g. While traveling too a damaged passport raises unwanted suspicions at the immigration. Whenever your passport is damaged, make a new one immediately. I hope the post was useful.

6 thoughts on “221g for Damaged Passport: F-1 Visa Interview

  1. i wrote ielts exam with my old passport and applied to us univs with that..after this my pp was damaged..now can i book a new pp and can i go to visa interview(f1)..will it be a problem??

  2. Hii. I have given my ielts exam and now I have to aapply for visa, but I saw dat last page of my passport is damaged by ink and I have to apply for new passport. I want to ask that I have to give ielts exam again to apply for visa or their is any solution.pl help me out.

  3. I am also facing the same issue currently.The VO asked me to submit a new passport. However, he didn’t mention if my Visa is approved. What Does this mean? Will I get my Visa once I submit my new passport?

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