Calling India From USA: Cheap, Best And Easiest Ways (India Calling)

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When a student comes to the United States, the first thing that pops in one’s mind is how do I connect with my home. What are the ways in which I could call India from USA. During the recent years many new ways have emerged and I am going to list out all the ways in which you could call India from USA. If you have something else apart from this in your mind, please share it with us in the comment box below. Continue reading

Things to bring from India

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As you’re only one month and a half away from your departure date, it is time you begin shopping. There are a few things you may want to buy which may be there in the US but will be extremely expensive. I have worked in putting together the list of all things that you will require. I have divided the list into different sections so it would be easy for you to know what all will be required to pack when you start your shopping. Continue reading

Initial Expenses in USA: Northeastern Boston

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When it comes to handling finances we tend to be more aggressive and over calculate our expenses. I understand your concerns and have thereby come up with a detailed analysis of your monthly expenses. I have taken into consideration the maxima and minima of your expense list and have every single aspect covered through this document. Continue reading

Where To Live When You Are Attending Northeastern University

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Boston ISA has been going through various pages in Facebook towards finding the insights on every neighborhood in the Boston Area. We have innumerable number of posts which claim the beautiful experiences and harrowing nightmares as well. So we thought of describing certain popular location around the Northeastern vicinity.Its our sincere attempt to document all the popular sites around Northeastern University making it the bible of accommodations. Continue reading

Permanent Housing In USA: Northeastern University

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Welcome to Boston, the Beantown, the Hub, the Athens of America, the Walking City! Lets say you have booked your flight and time flies by and you’re standing at the airport line. Long tedious 20 hr flight and you’re at Boston Logan. Welcome to Boston! Just a small issue, you don’t know where you’re going to stay? All of a sudden you feel Boston isn’t as welcoming as you may have thought.Everyone would fear such a situation and hence its our instinct that we start to secure a roof even before coming to Boston. Continue reading

Health Insurance: University Vs Private US Vs Private Indian: Pros and Cons

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Health Insurance

Getting sick in the United States at your own expense might burn your pocket. And hence, having an insurance becomes more than a necessity. In this document I shall be discussing briefly on how to narrow down on purchasing your health insurance. Health Insurance is mandatory in the  state of Massachusetts. If you are going to another state in USA as well, it good to read this post as Health Insurance is mandatory in almost all states. Continue reading

Travel Mantra To USA

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Booking a flight these days turns out to be a hectic task in itself. With the fall season approaching the ticket fare would definitely soar up. I have listed some important points that you should be reading when you book your tickets to the United States. It’s a little long post but it would be really helpful to you all. Here are a few tips that could help you in saving few bucks and a peaceful fly. Continue reading