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X -63%, XII-68%, B.E (ECE)-74%, MS (Soft Engg)-9.12 CGPA, Work Experience- 4 Years in IT. I am planning for Phd from CS in USA. Can anyone suggest me the finance option that needed before joining there, As i am self funded.. Is the scholarship is enough to survive ? I am thinking to work part time as well while pursuing it there. What about work permit after completing Doctorate? Continue reading

FAQs Regarding MS in USA

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I just read few questions posted by a student in one of the Facebook group and I thought to reply those questions as many students have similar kind of questions in their mind when they plan to arrive to the United States for their Masters Program. If you wish to add any questions in this post, please use the comment box below and I would reply to all of your questions. Here’s the list of questions posted by one of the students. Continue reading

How to Write Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

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I have written several posts on how to construct your SOP and what exactly should your SOP focus on. Please click on this link to get all the posts related to SOP: Posts Focusing towards SOP. This post is basically an Infographic which specifies and provides you the details as to how to write an SOP for a University in the United States. SOP is considered to be one of the most important document which plays a major role towards your admit in a university. Construction of your SOP takes a lot of time and generally I recommend to take guidance while doing it from your Professors. Just go through the Infographic below and if you have any queries, please use the comment box and I will reply to your queries immediately. Continue reading

Scholarships for MS from India

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Many students had queries with respect to whether scholarships can be available to them from US Universities or not. Getting Scholarships from Universities in the United States requires a phenomenal academic performance, excellent GRE and TOEFL Scores and great Letters of Recommendations. But very few students know that there are companies in India too which provide you scholarships for your Masters studies. I will be listing the companies which provide scholarships to students for higher studies. Continue reading

Managing Documents During F-1 Visa Interview

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Students are gearing up towards giving the F-1 Visa Interview and I thought of sharing one of the post that a student provided. Managing your documents is one of the important thing during the F-1 Visa Interview and the Visa Officer may ask for any document during the Interview. If you are well organized then you can provide the required documents within no time. This post will focus towards managing your documents while you are in an F-1 Visa Interview. Continue reading

How To Retrieve I-94 Online

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Since students are gearing up towards coming to the United States, I thought of sharing some important information that you should be knowing. Whenever you enter the United States, an I-94 form gets generated for you. I-94 Form is a way that US Officials keep track of your Arrival and Departure from the USA. All the countries have this Form, in USA it is named as I-94.  Continue reading

Dress Code for F-1 Visa Interview

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I got many queries from students about the dress code that they need to follow for going for an F-1 Visa Interview. Do you think a proper dress code is necessary for an F-1 Visa Interview? Yes it does make a difference the way you present yourself to the officer. There is no rule as to what you need to wear by the US Embassy but its better to follow some dress code which will make you Continue reading