Opening A Bank Account In USA

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As students coming to the US this fall will be in their final stages of packing, I thought I could provide you with the information about opening a bank account in the USA. This is the first thing that you need to do once you arrive in the US. The faster you open up your account, your parents can transfer you the amount that will be required by you for various purposes. This post will help you out with opening up your first Bank Account in the USA and things you need to know about opening an account. Lets start with the types of accounts. Continue reading

Common Faqs Answered

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I usually get lots of mails and comments and I do try to reply each and every one of them. But sometimes I do miss few queries. Hence I decided that I would write this post to cover some of the most common queries that I receive from the students with respect to pursuing Masters in USA or any other country. I am extremely sorry if I had not replied to your queries before and I hope this post would answer your queries. Continue reading

What does it take to get a Job at Google?

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Google is always a dream company for many people and you all know why. With billions of dollars in revenue every year, Google is never shy in spending way beyond the norm to attract and retain the most talented people they can find. So Google employees get to enjoy free gourmet meals, free subsidized massage, free haircuts, free laundry & dry cleaning, free medical & dental checkups etc. Continue reading

Never Book a Ticket with Multiple Airlines (Specially Air India): Part 1


Spare some time out of your busy lives to read an exciting yet important experience which I am about to share: 

After completion of a busy, hectic, tough and challenging semester, I decided to go back to India in December. I was desperate to go as the life which I had during the four Continue reading