This Is How You Do It: – Tackling TOEFL Exam

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Below is the TOEFL experience shared by Chinmay. He has given a detailed way of tackling the TOEFL Exam. I would like to thank Chinmay for allowing his experience to be shared in this Blog. If you too have certain points to add apart from what has been shared by Chinmay, please use the comment box that is present below. Your views will also help other students who will be giving their TOEFL Exams in the future months. Continue reading

Stay Confident, Stay Smiling: Visa Interview Experience

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Here is the Visa Interview experience of a Student named Prasad Verma. His formula for cracking Visa Interview is “Stay Confident, Stay Smiling”. University: Stevens Institute of Technology. Visa Status: Approved. Consulate: Chennai. Profile: GRE – 276, TOEFL – 81, BTECH – 65%, Backlogs – 15. He cracked the Visa Interview in the second time. Check out the both the Visa Interview experience of him below as stated by him.

My Visa Experience: – 

1st attempt on 7-10-2013

Me – good morning officer. How r yu dng ??
Vo- morning with a serious look ,…….
Pass me yur documents (sevis , i20, ds160)
Vo- my stevens ??
Me- stevens is this that blah blah…..
Vo- your gre and toefl plz??
Me- yes (passed my docuements)
Vo– yur rejected . I am sorry ….
I just said thank you and came out

Second Attempt: –

luckily I found a slot on 9th of oct 2013 that is 2 days after I was rejected.
Here goes my second day

A lady in her 20’s ( she looks good though)

Me- good morning officeer!how r yu tdy?
Vo- I am great Ty . Your documents plz??
Me- passed my i20 sevis ds160
Vo- which univ are yu frm??
Me – jntu hyd
Vo- pass me yur transcripts ….
Me – passed , she verified for 5 min long
Vo- what’s yur parents
Me- I told her
Vo- what will yu do after ms ?
Me- I’ll come back work in same company which I am working now!
Vo- why interview in chennai why not in hyd
Me- I and my team we came to meet clients here .
Vo- that’s great! She handed all my papers and kept my passport and said

I came out …. Stay confident . Stay Smiling

Will Grant Be Subtracted From Total Tuition Fees In I-20?

Question From Trivaani: – 

Question (3)

I have a query, regarding I-20. If we get any funds in form of TA or GA , then that should be deducted from my actual Tuition Fee. After that what the Amount comes out, that I have to pay? I mean should we submit whole amount firstly or the money after getting my fundings? Hope you Understand. Please find the Answer to this question from the Admin below. Continue reading

Short Overview About My Life In USA

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It’s been a while since I have posted any article. I see lots of comments and I will be answering them all by tomorrow. Its 3 am in USA and I am a little free and my midterm Examinations got completed this week and assignments were submitted for this week. I decided to share my experience about life in USA. I will be trying to cover some aspects about living in USA. Please use the comment box to ask any questions regarding this article. Continue reading