Forex Cards Fees And Charges Of Different Banks

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In the last Post I discussed on the details about the Prepaid Forex Cards that can be used when you are travelling abroad. If you haven’t gone through the previous post, please click this link: Complete Information On Prepaid Forex Cards. In this Post I will be providing the details on the Fees & Charges that different Banks levy when you are purchasing the Prepaid Forex Cards. Continue reading

Complete Information On Prepaid Forex Cards

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Rupee To Dollar

When you are ready to travel to USA or any other Country for your Higher Studies, the first thing that comes to mind is how much money you should be carrying with you while travelling to your destination. It’s a good practice to keep 1000$ as ready cash in your wallet and rest either as travelers check or Prepaid Forex Cards. This post is entirely on Forex Cards and the Fees & Charges for it. Continue reading

Baggage Allowances Of Different Airlines

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BaggagesMany students requested to provide the Baggage Allowances of all the major Airlines so that it would be easy to compare the Airline Baggage Allowances directly. So I created a list which contains the Airline Name, maximum weight and dimensions allowed for Check-In (Checked Baggage) and Hand Baggage, Frequent Flyer benefits and Excess Charges levied if your Bag is overweight or dimensions are larger. Continue reading

Purchasing Your Suitcases For Your International Travel As A Student: MS In USA

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After you have gone through all the procedures and getting an admit to a University, your next step would be packing things that you need to carry with you to US or any other country. The first stage of packing would be purchasing suitcases. It’s really important that you purchase the right suitcase so that you do not have any troubles while travelling to your destination. This post will entirely focus on the suitcases that you can purchase for your travel. Continue reading

Mission To Get US F-1 Visa: Student’s Visa Interview Experience

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Visa Interview

I saw this Visa Interview Experience that was shared by one of the student’s in the Facebook group and I thought I would share his experience as it would be really helpful for students who are or will be going for their Visa Interviews in the upcoming months. Clearing a Visa Interview generally requires precise answers to the questions asked and showing the confidence and passion about going to USA for your Masters. Here’s the Visa Interview of the student that has been shared below. Continue reading

Shopping List For USA And General Guidelines

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Shopping List

Students going to this fall will be busy preparing a list of things that they need to buy for going to the USA. So I thought of making the shopping list which will help students to purchase the necessary things required while you go to USA or any other country. This list contains all the purchases that a student has to make when he/she is preparing to go to another country for higher studies. This list is also available in pdf version below. Continue reading