Why Healthcare Is So Expensive In USA?

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As everyone knows that Healthcare in USA is really expensive. That’s why everyone says that it’s better to get yourself checked before you leave India and go to USA for your Higher Studies. This Infographic below states the real reason because of which the Healthcare in USA is Expensive. Go through the below Infographic to get an idea about why Healthcare in USA is Expensive as compared to other wealthy nations around the World. Continue reading

Official DMV Links Of All The States In USA

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Yesterday I had discussed about getting your International Drivers License. One of the student had raised the concern about the rules regarding International Drivers License varies in different states in USA. Rightly said, In USA driving rules are different in different states. Some of the states allow you to drive without international driver license with just normal Indian license( e.g. Arizona) and some might not allow you even with international one. Continue reading

Interpreting Your GRE Scores

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gre coa 1

I got many questions from students as to how the GRE Scores are calculated and how to interpret the GRE Scores etc. So I decided to share this PDF which ETS has provided to all of us. This PDF contains the entire information as to how you can interpret your scores. You can even download this PDF by clicking on the Download link which is available below the PDF. If you have any queries relating to interpreting your GRE Scores, then please use the comment box below to address your queries. ETS, every year updates this information of interpreting your scores. Continue reading

Getting Your International Drivers License

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International Drivers License

Getting an International Drivers License is one of the important thing that you need to do before going to USA or any other Country. The International Drivers License will help you get permanent driving license of the country in which you are going. Below I will provide you the details as to what documents you require for getting the International Drivers License and the common faqs regarding the same topic that I got from some of the students. If you have any queries related to the topic, please use the comment box below to address your queries. Continue reading

University Of Northern Virginia (UNVA) Shuts Down

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University Shuts Down

Many of you might have heard this news but I still thought of posting it in this Blog, so that students who are unaware about this news would know about it. The University of Northern Virginia had been asked to shut down a few days ago. This left lots of Indian Students who where studying in that University in a difficult situation. Below is the complete details regarding why this University was asked to shut down by the officials. Continue reading

Foreign Students Studying In USA: 2013 Edition

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Studying In USA

A lot of young people all over the world choose to continue their education in the United States. This infographic reveals interesting facts on who is studying in the USA, top destinations, academic level, top fields of study and which nations send the highest proportion of students to the States. USA remains the favorite destinations for higher education as compared to other countries around the World. Continue reading

Validity Of Letters Of Recommendation (LOR)

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I got a query from one of the student stating that “I completed my graduation in May 2011. Wanna know whether the recommendations from my professors valid now. If valid, Will be there be any validity kind of stuff carried out by the University for that? Since I have not talked them as of now, was curious to know? ” So in this post I will focus on the Validity for your LOR’s. Continue reading