Booking Your International Flight: Things To Consider

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As many students might now be busy with booking the International Flights, I decided to share some insights on the things that you must keep in mind when you go ahead with your International Flight Booking. Booking an International Flight involves lots of things, especially since you are students, You must have an complete information before you book the flight. So here I will be sharing the things that you must consider while booking your International Flight. Continue reading

Receiving Your Passport After Visa Approval

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Recieve Passport

Once your Visa gets approved in the Visa Interview, you must submit the passport to the Visa Officer. The Visa Officer normally tells that it will take 3 to 5 days for Visa Stamping to be done and then you can collect the Passport. So this post will entirely focus on collecting your passport once your Visa has been approved. I will be providing all the information with respect to the topic in an FAQ manner. Continue reading

Rupee Fall: How Will It Affect You

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Rupee Fall

There was a time when $ 1 was equivalent to Rs 38. The period was really well known as many students from India started their journey towards the US for Higher Education. Since then the Rupee value has been decreasing and the Dollar value continues to be on the rise. Today, the $ crossed yet another benchmark as $ 1 = Rs 59.57. How this will play a role for Higher Education? Continue reading

University Rankings For MS In Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering

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This is the complete University Rankings for MSĀ In Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering.

Rank University
1 Georgia Institute of Technology
2 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
3 Northwestern University (McCormick)
4 University of California–Berkeley
5 Virginia Tech
6 Stanford University
7 University of Wisconsin–Madison
8 North Carolina State University
9 University of California–Santa Barbara
10 Columbia University (Fu Foundation)
11 Cornell University
12 Texas A&M University–College Station (Look)
13 University of Florida
14 University of Southern California (Viterbi)
15 Purdue University–West Lafayette
16 University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
17 Lehigh University (Rossin)
18 University of Texas–Austin (Cockrell)
19 University of Arkansas–Fayetteville
20 University of Pittsburgh (Swanson)
21 Arizona State University (Fulton)
22 Auburn University (Ginn)
23 Ohio State University
24 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
25 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick
26 University of Washington
27 Iowa State University
28 University at Buffalo–SUNY
29 University of Arizona
30 Clemson University
31 University of Oklahoma
32 Oklahoma State University
33 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
34 George Mason University (Volgenau)
35 Northeastern University
36 University of Massachusetts–Amherst
37 Air Force Institute of Technology
38 Texas Tech University (Whitacre)
39 University of Illinois–Chicago
40 University of Iowa
41 University of Louisville (Speed)
42 Oregon State University
43 University of Missouri
44 University of South Florida
45 Wayne State University
46 Boston University
47 Kansas State University
48 Binghamton University–SUNY (Watson)
49 Mississippi State University (Bagley)
50 University of Central Florida
51 University of Houston (Cullen)
52 University of Tennessee–Knoxville
53 University of Texas–Arlington
54 Wichita State University
55 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
56 New Jersey Institute of Technology
57 North Carolina A&T State University
58 Ohio University (Russ)
59 University of Alabama–Huntsville
60 University of Miami Coral
61 West Virginia University

Documents Required For OFC And Visa Interview

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As everyone might be gearing for the Visa Interviews, I decided to post the things that you need to carry with you when you go to the OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) for giving your fingerprints and photo and when you go for your Visa Interview. Below I have enlisted the things to carry. Carrying all the Documents is the first and foremost thing when you go to OFC and the Visa Interview. Students may face difficulties if they forget to get the required documents. So please read through the post. Continue reading

Transfer SEVIS Fee from One University to Other University

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I got a question from one of the followers of the Blog, Srinath and he stated “How to transfer SEVIS fee from one university to other university.” So here I will be explaining in detail with respect to whether it’s possible that you can transfer the SEVIS fee from One University to another. Students after paying the SEVIS fee decide to go for another University, and it becomes important to deal with the SEVIS fee that they paid to the previous University. Continue reading

Steps To Pay Your SEVIS Fee

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It’s been quite a while since I posted a topic. I would really like to apologize to the students who had asked queries, as I was not able to reply. I had been busy in a project. But now I am back and I will be helping the students with their queries. Since most of the students will be gearing up for the Visa Interviews now, Today’s topic is about Paying your SEVIS Fees, which is one of the important steps before attending Visa Interview. Continue reading