Complete Overview On I-94 Form

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As many students will be gearing up to travel to the US this fall, I thought to post in detail regarding the I-94 form that students and all the people that travel to the USA need to fill it. Getting to know about what all you need to do while entering to the USA will make you much more prepared.  Below is a complete overview on I-94 form. Continue reading

Changing Field From Mechanical Engineering To Computer Science In MS

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Query From Student

I got a query from one of the followers and the blog. The query was about changing the fields in MS. Many students are interested to change their fields in MS because of many reasons. The question asked by the student was “I have completed my BE in Mechanical Engineering and I wanted to change my field to Computer Science (CS) in MS. Is it possible to change my field to CS ? Also I got placed into top Multi National Company (MNC) which is software company. My queries are as follows: Continue reading

MBA Or MS: Which One To Go For?

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Question (3)

I saw this question in one of the Facebook Groups of US Graduates Blog and I thought to provide the answer in detail. The question was put up by Sunnish and he asked “Can you please tell me whether doing MBA with the Average GRE score is preferable?? Or is it better to go for courses like Engineering Management,Technology Mgmt. I have few queries regarding MBA they are: – Continue reading

US Customs Declaration Form

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Filling Customs Form

Today I will be helping you out with filling up the US Customs Declaration Form 6059B. An hour before you plane lands in the USA, the Air Hostess will distribute the US Customs Declaration Form, which you need to fill it and submit it at the immigration country at the Port Of Entry. This form is filled by all the people that are travelling to USA. So below is a sample US Customs Declaration Form. Continue reading

TSA Locks For Your Baggages While Traveling To USA

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TSA Locks

As many students might be geared for traveling to the US this Fall, I thought of providing you the information about the Locks for your Baggages. As everyone knows that we generally lock the Baggages that we check-in (Baggages that we don’t carry with us into the flight), but when you are travelling to the US it’s important to know that you have to lock your Baggages using only the TSA Locks. Let’s discuss in detail below about the TSA Locks by going through some common FAQ related to these TSA Locks. Continue reading