Will There Be A Problem At Visa Interview When Applied To Only One University?

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I read a question in one of the Facebook groups which stated “Will there be any problem during visa interview, if at all we applied for only one University?” I thought it’s worth writing an entire article on this to clear doubts which many students generally have with respect to this question. I will discuss this question in detail below to give you a clear idea on this. Continue reading

Party Schools That Pay

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If you want a sizzling college social scene and a high-paying job once you graduate, see Payscale’s list of party schools that pay. Payscale has ranked The Princeton Review’s top 20 party schools by post-graduation salary potential. The research was conducted by asking Students regarding their University academics, administration, campus life, student body and themselves. Continue reading

Financial Documents To Be Submitted To University For I-20

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I got a query from Karishma, one of the followers of the Blog, stating that “Before getting I-20 college asks for financial document. I wanted to ask what all should be included in it? Does this needs to be prepared by a CA(chartered accountant)? If so , can u send me a format for this? what assets can be shown? Only liquid cash? or property? I mean please explain me the entire concept of the financial document required before I get I-20? Thanks.Continue reading

Complete Overview On Bank Statement

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This post is related to the Financial Documents To Be Submitted To University For I-20. You also need to show Bank Statement during Visa Interview. Generally Bank Statement includes your savings account and FD. It may include the loan amount, if you have taken a loan. Mostly it won’t include the money in D MAT or Mutual Fund. There is no specific format that Universities in US requires, but here I will provide you with a sample format that you can use to get your Bank Statement.  Continue reading

Complete Overview On Solvency Letter

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This Post is related to the Financial Documents To Be Submitted To University For I-20. If you have used Solvency Letter for your I-20, then you must carry it for your Visa Interview. Generally Solvency Letter include the amount of money you have in the form of Assets,  Gold, Properties, PF etc. Nowadays some Universities don’t accept the Solvency Letter/Financial Capability Certificate. Universities will mention whether they accept Solvency Letter/Financial Capability Certificate in their website itself.  Continue reading

Low GPA But Determined To Pursue Masters (MS)

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Thank you for this thread it really helps. High GRE and Low GPA. My undergrad years were horrible. I had some good classes and some bad classes and also been to academic probation once, however i fought hard in the end but my final GPA was a horrible 2.3. I would love to get into grad school for computer science but my GPA will not cut it whatsoever. How can I get into this school? Continue reading

MS In Material Science

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This post was suggested by one of the followers of this blog, Shreyash. So this post will contain all the information regarding Masters in Material Science. Students have lots of queries regarding this field and sometimes they get confused whether to take it or choose another field. So I will try to answer some of the common queries related to MS In Material Science. Continue reading