Should International Students be Worried over American Presidential Elections


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It’s been a long time since I have written a post. Been very busy with work. So today’s topic will cover on how American Presidency Election will affect the International Students in the US and students planning for their MS in the United States. Students have been asking me how will it affect them and I thought of covering the topic as a post. I have made sure that I talk facts and only facts. No rumors and other stuff that’s being going around everywhere in the internet. I hope it would be useful for you all. Continue reading

2016 Best Cities In USA For Software Engineers Based On Salary

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If you planning to planning to pursue MS in Computer Science or Information Systems, it’s always good to know which cities in USA pays the best salary if you are aiming for a Software Engineer, Programming Analyst or System Admins. Glassdoor has officially published the best cities in USA that pays you good if you are going to work as a Software Engineer, Programming Analyst or System Admins. Check out the table below and see if your city is in the list. Continue reading

Ideal Timeline For Students Applying For Spring 2016: – MS In USA

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I have prepared an ideal timeline for Students who will be applying for Spring 2016 for MS or PhD. The timeline starts from preparing yourself for the GRE and TOEFL Exam to the final submission of your Application to the University and Preparing your Bank Statements. This timeline has been prepared keeping in mind the Universities who have the deadline on July 15th. Almost all Universities will come under this category. Continue reading

How Much Will You Earn In USA

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Below is a tool where you can see how much will you earn in the United States over a period of time based on the degree you pursue. You can select your course and degree and see how much is the average pay in the United States for your degree. It’s a small post and I hope it is useful for all. It also tells you how much salary increase will you get over a period of time when you are working in your area. Let me know if you have any questions related to earnings after MS in USA. Continue reading

Life of A MS Student In The United States

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It just feels like yesterday when I began my dream of coming to the United States for my Masters. It’s been 3 years now, I have completed my Masters and working in a company. The journey of me being a student in the United States has certainly been great and filled with ups and downs. You being a prospective student coming to the United States this year or may be in upcoming years, I would like to share the life of an MS Student in USA. This post would clear a lots of doubts that’s lingering in your mind.  So let’s start with it. It’s going to be a long post but very informative. Continue reading

Does Prior Work Experience Help In Getting A Job After MS

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How much weightage does having prior work experience hold in getting a job after completing your MS in the field relevant to your prior experience? Supply Chain is a broad field and I would like to know more about the different aspects of Supply Chain after I complete my MS. Having an experience of 3 years in procurement, say if I want to switch to the logistics domain after my MS, would that render my prior experience null/void?

Continue reading

STEM Extension Finally Approved

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All of you might be knowing that STEM Extension had been cancelled last year due to certain reasons. If you were not aware of it, then kindly go through the previous posts to understand why STEM was cancelled. I will provide the links below. Continue reading

Will A Gap After UnderGrad Cause a Problem for MS

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Hi, Srinivas my story is bad luck and worse decisions all the way from my graduation and up till now. I completed my degree in 2011(one year back log.) Due to this backlog I had abandoned all hopes of higher studies and i started preparing for govt. jobs and did some side jobs to sustain myself and due to some reason or the other i could not crack the govt job exams. Due to this not only i lost 5 years worth of time but also could not build a profile. Since GRE was not on my agenda all i did was jobs to sustain myself. Continue reading